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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jawshx, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. The German version still haunts me in my dreams. It sounds so schmaltzy in German and I can't get it out of my head.
    (it's sung by Luna's German voice actress, btw)

  2. This is hands down the best scene of the whole franchise (I mean this and the previous episodes are a work of art, aesthetically and story wise), the build up to this scene, the sheer idealism of Usagi being trumped by Uranus and Neptune's utilitarianism... and then Usagi being so firm and convinced in her goodness exploding in the best climax of the series, the VA did a tremendous job (I recall she said this was her favourite scene to do) and everything works so greatly, S Should have ended with this, I said it's the best scene of this franchise, but to me, it's such a wonderful piece of work in general.
  3. I keep seeing the new, glossy, glittery "Eternal" versions of the manga in bookstores and thinking, "Do I really want to buy another version of a manga series I already own in four languages?" But it's so pretty.
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    Wait which are those?
  5. Basically new English translations of the old manga on bigger, shinier paper and with a couple of coloured pages. The covers have new art and glitters on them. Basically they look gorgeous and about the same size of a novel. I think there are two (out of twelve) issues out at the moment. But as I own the old manga already it's a pretty expensive purchase.
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    Flawless animation, kii.
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  7. Old theme song, old design reportedly by the original 90s crew... melikey.
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  8. That remix of Moonlight Densetsu....BOPPING is what I'm doing.
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    I just want them to actually adapt the manga, not do 1:1, but be faithful while adding and changing things to make it better. This is where the manga and anime started to go in very different directions, actually.
  10. Looks amazing. Thats how i want my Sailor Moon. Hope the animation will be at least decent though
  11. The designs are... not exactly what I was hoping for. But disappointment has become synonymous with this show now, so you know, whatever. The actual promo image of Moon and Chibi Moon looks nice though so I will save my judgment until a trailer of some kind is released at least. I don't expect movie quality animation for this, Toei being Toei. If we get something around or above the quality of season 3 I will be content. If it's better then great.

    Honestly this is still a mess though. Why not just make another televised season? I expect it'll be something like Digimon Tri where it's released in Japanese theatre's and then will be cut up into some kind of an episodic format for an international release. I don't understand why they insist on fucking this up as much as they do. I feel like they are trying to purposefully sabotage the show at times. Web Series> TV anime> Movies.. why? Also, Sailor Moon Crystal> Season 3> Eternal? If they were going to drop the 'season' title they could have at least changed the name to something in keeping with the actual season, like, oh I don't know, Dream?

    At least when you have zero expectations you can't be let down I guess? We'll see.
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  12. Is it called Eternal because she becomes Sailor Moon Eternal in this arc though? That's what I assumed the title was referrring to... Also, I am pleased with the design seeming closer to the 90s anime version, and hopefully we see the camaraderie between the Soldiers, which was sorely missing from the Crystal series!! Let's hope for the best but expect something whelming lol
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    It’s movie right? So even less time to develop anything. I hope at least the animation is tighter.
  14. The design of the characters still looks shit. The Crystal animation series was such a low point of the franchise; I can't see how this will be any better.

    I just want them to do a new version of the PGSM live action series, along with amazing soundtrack.
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  15. All I know is that the finale in the manga made no damn sense, with the galaxy cauldron and reincarnation and all of that, but at least the art was stunningly gorgeous. I'm not really expecting the same for this, based on what a haphazard mess Crystal was, aesthetically.
  16. Is there any guide of which volumes of the manga cover each of the story arcs? I might just be interested in buying those of the Black Moon and Sailor Saturn.
  17. I was curious about this too, so I found this. I think you'd need volumes 3-5 of the reprint manga. I'm guessing they mean the regular reprint from a couple of years ago and not the super expensive Eternal ones.
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  18. I've read this manga ages and ages ago and this weekend caught up on the Crystal anime. I personally found it much better than the 90s anime which was too much filler episodes in my opinion.

    From what I recall from my edition they aren't separate, so you might need to buy a volume that includes a little of the Dark Kingdom arc to get the full Black Moon story.
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