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Sailor Moon

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jawshx, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. I like to pretend Crystal just started from season 3 dddd

    The ‘they had no time!!!’ excuse while perhaps legitimate is so inexcusable though. Who the fuck announces a revival of possibility one of the most iconic anime of all time 2 years in advance and then only starts work on it a few weeks prior? Who was planning this mess? The months leading up to Crystal the hype was real. You can’t buy that level of fervor. With nothing Sailor Moon related announced for over a decade, fans were thirsty, and what did we get? Perhaps one of the most badly animated, poorly paced pieces of trash I have ever seen. A true disservice to the franchise that tarnished the Sailor Moon name and that exposed Toei as the greedy capitalist pigs that they are. I’m quite honestly glad the Blu Ray sales were shit. It’s what they deserve.

    And that’s that on that.
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  2. He


    Worst thing is that they'll take it as there is no interest for more anime content and leave it at that.

    The more I see of it, the worse it gets. Everything, every little thing, was so poorly done.

    I hope one day we get a Brotherhood version of Sailor Moon.
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  3. Sailor Moon: Sisterhood would actually be low key iconic tho ddd
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  4. The second one! SCREAM!

    Thankfully I watched the Blu-Ray versions only.
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  5. Watching the first seasons of Crystal back then was so iconic because not only was I mad because of the bad adaptation but I also laughed all the time because of the bad adaptation.
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  6. Finally got my Stars part 1 set and part 2 is on the way. In the meantime I'm dragging myself through Super S. The whole Pegasus and Chibi moon parts drag it down. I think the excitement of getting to Stars isn't helping me either.
  7. It's a shame because the animation on Super S is genuinely the best of all the series, it's a shame that they went from the darker tone of S, to a super light one on Super S, plus the exclusion of the Outer Senshi who I think that both in the manga and anime adaptation are the most interesting characters (especially Saturn and Pluto) is really noticeable.
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  8. I’ve never seen SuperS all the way through but I really want to get a full collection that can replace my bootleg dvd from eBay I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_
  9. I wish they could have gotten the original cast to perform the updated dubs. The toei ones are absolutely dreadful.
  10. Forget Uranus and Neptune, THIS is the true queen of the gays

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  11. That’s how I get ready for work in the morning.
  12. I love PGSM but i wish the finale wasnt Still a must see for a SM fan in my opinion
  13. Join the ANIME RATE to support Moonlight Densetsu and other classics everyone! :D
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  14. Okay, but the dub is low key iconic.

  15. I'm a huge Sailor Moon fan, ever since I was a kid
    but I have never seen StarS
    and I keep putting it off, even now that the dub is out.
    If I never finish it, the story will live on forever maybe.
    I don't have a real reason...
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  16. This is me with season 7 of Mad Men! Ddddd
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  17. I always have stood by the fact that I grew up with the dub and so to watch StarS in the original Japanese would be so weird because I am someone who grows an attachment to voice actors.

    I've seen bits of the newer dub and I don't mind the voice acting even though it is very different. But... I don't know. I just don't know when i'll be ready to watch the final season.
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  18. He


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  19. Drag her, Mercury.
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