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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jawshx, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. That’s most disheartening
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  2. He


    I'm being bitter though. I did enjoy quite a bit from it, especially if you watch now because they have corrected some of the ugly animation.

    Season 3 is nice enough, in part because it's so different story wise.

    But besides the lack of budget, them doing the manga 1:1 was extremely lazy.

    It's short, so I'd give it a watch.
  3. It gets better as it goes further. The lowest low is 1st season finale (12-13). After thats it gets better with season 2 and its pretty good to great with season 3.
  4. To be honest I’m disappointed but not surprised. I knew this was gonna be some Digimon Tri mess (Low budget TV show masquerading as a ‘movie’ with a limited theatrical release) The problem with that is though, is that while Tri had 4 movies this has 2 so everything has to be condensed into 2 movies. This wouldn’t be so bad but the Dream Arc in the manga is extremely episodic so it doesn’t really make much sense why they went the movie route, teebs.

    And it’s just like fans have been waiting 4 years.. for this? How can one not be left with a sour taste in their mouth? I mean I’ll watch it and probably enjoy it for what it is but at this point I’m over Toei’s bullshit.
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  5. Just stick to rewatching the original series - that's what I do Dddddd
  6. Isn't the dream arc shorter which is why they decided to do movies instead?

    And yeah, the quality is terrible. These look like essentially made-for-TV movies as the quality does not seem better than the show was.
    Even YuGiOh gets films that have better animation than this.
    It's a shame to see such a beloved classic be disrespected like this.
    I wonder what the Naoko Takeuchi actually thinks about the way it looks.
  7. Retconning Tri to a 4 part series is sensible, but since it only had two good parts out of six, I can't figure out which other two you've kept. But, yeah, the way they market, produce, and pace these releases is unacceptable from the consumer's perspective. I wouldn't even remember that I have watched the Sailor Moon releases if this thread didn't pop up every now and then to remind me.
  8. [​IMG]

    Amazon Trio designs
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  9. Another win for the queers.
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    They’re as fabulous as always... because they literally look the same.
  11. A non-binary win! Sailor Moon continues to be progressive! :D
  12. [​IMG]
    Don’t forget the outers. Haruka and Michiru looking snatched as usual.
  13. How old is Setsuna? Why does she always look like a mom to me? She is very motherly, I suppose.
    Also Haruka and Michiru looking so cute - ugh - only the best for the 2 best characters.
  14. Yeah idk why they make her frumpy especially since in the manga she is nothing of the sort

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  15. May I ask why they are all wearing glasses? Is there an endorsement deal in play with this release I have to save my money for? :D
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  16. Trueee.
    In the 90s anime, Trista (I love that that was her dub name) wore that purple suit. It made her look a lot olde than the others then, too.
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    She's in her mid 20s I think? And is a researcher, and does play a motherly figure to Chibiusa.
  18. Are there any German Sailor Moon fans on here?
    I'm thinking about getting the new BluRays but I can't find any info on the quality of the subtitles - are they good, is it a new translation or is it just the dub in textform?
  19. The quartet and their seiyuu
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  20. I'm looking into rewatching the original series (and the fifth season for the first time ever), where is the best place/service to watch it? Also, is the re-dubbing (not the original dubbing that most grew up with where they censored so much stuff) any good or should I just stick to the Japanese version?
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