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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jawshx, Oct 16, 2010.


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    I watched like 5 episodes of this during breakfast and DIEDDDDDD. So funny!!!
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  2. Yeees. Just, dont get too attached as they will probably never do another episode.
    Although I do also recommend the DBZ and the YuGiOh Abridged series if you've never seen those - equally as hilarious.
  3. [​IMG] new poster for the movie. While it’s gorgeous it looks more like fanart..? The straight bangs and everything.. why did they decide to go off model? Ddd

    Also, there’s rumors that the film will be released on Netflix sooner than expected.
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  4. Usagi is serving in that picture.

    I am not sure how I feel about Nehellenia in that art, if that's how she looks like in the movie, she looks way younger than what she is supposed to be I feel.
  5. [​IMG]

    Season III VS Eternal.

    The difference is night and day to me! They all look super cute in Eternal. Tori finally getting things right? We love to see it.
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  6. Wow I love that, Shame that the entire Crystal series doesn't look like that.
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  7. I wonder how long it'll take to get an international release of the movie! I am so excited - I need to do a full rewatch of both Crystal and the 90s anime...
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  8. I tried rewatching Crystal over the past few weeks and it's just so... underwhelming. Maybe I'll plop in my bootleg Dic dub series... even though they're butchered to hell I just love it so.
  9. A bunch of animators from the 90s anime are apparently working on Eternal so I think we are finally going to get something of quality. There was an advance screening of the movie for fan club members last week and many were saying that it was great!

    I agree about Crystal. Although the third season was a step up it still had its issues. Plus while the animation was definitely a step up, in retrospect the designs were a bit shoddy. Eternal definitely feels like a big step up.


  10. I’m having a very lazy Saturday and I decided to re-read this thread from start to end. The ROLLERCOASTER of feelings about Crystal. All of us literally creaming ourselves when Crystal was announced (almost 10 years ago ddddd) to the utter horror of watching the train wreck that was season 1 unfold before our very eyes during web broadcast. Then like moving on from one cursed relationship to another slightly less cursed relationship in the form of Season III dddd. A ride.
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  11. Its a shame we had to go through so many mud to basically go back to the roots. Because lets face it - Eternal really looks like modern take on the 90s anime. Obviously the quality wont be out of this world but it looks like its just enough to call it good. Cant wait to watch these movies.
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  12. These look really good!
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  13. Poster for the next movie leaked. The first movie is out tomorrow so I’ll give you my review if anyone is interested.

    Anyway, the poster for the second movie leaked. It’s a cute girl but the eternal condom leotards are awful, teebs. Colors clash and there is just too much going on. More Naoko’s fault than the movies, though.

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  14. Movie 2 trailer!
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  15. Is there a plan for after the films? Back to do the rest of the series in episode format or more films or? Are they seeing how well these do first?
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    I think that is it for now. They just cut short Crystal by making them movies.
  17. I think they will do Stars. Afterall its just one final manga arc and its the shortest of them all. Eternal movies would have to be a total flops in both Japan and worldwide for Toei to not adapt Stars
  18. So girlies my review is in (and it’s LONG)

    Let me just preface this review by saying I am a huge fan of Sailor Moon! However everything in this review is just my opinion. I am a fan of the 90’s anime over Crystal. I was of the opinion that S 1-2 were not that great but that S3 was a great improvement. That being said, don’t kill me if my opinion is something you don’t like

    FIRST, the overall adaptation. For die hard fans of the manga, I am sure you will be pleased! The adaptation is almost completely faithful to the source material. There were added scenes here and there like discussions in the command center, a few added bits between the Amazoness Quartet, too. Things like Mamoru coughing black blood were kept in. There is also a scene near the end of the film that made me gasp, involving Artemis. But I won’t spoil it

    On a slightly more negative note, the faithfulness to the source material is also one of the movie’s downfalls, in my opinion. The movie rushes by at breakneck speed trying to fit everything in and it at time feels like there is no time for the characters or story to breath. In my opinion, it would have worked better as a TV series like Crystal, as scenes happen in a pretty episodic manner anyway. Atleast I think it would have benefitted from an extra 10-15 minutes of run time. Characters like Hawk’s Eye felt like their character had some added development compared to the manga. However Fish Eye is perhaps the one with the least screen time. The scenes they retraced from season 3 of the girls? It was very ‘blink or you’ll miss it’, probably it was under a minute long? I would also say PallaPalla and VesVes had the most screen time, with JunJun the least. There were flashbacks of both Ami and Rei as children added, a long with Rei’s grandpa and Ami’s mom.

    Despite the pacing issues however it was an enjoyable watch. Especially if you’re already a big Crystal fan.


    Well.. it wasn’t what I was expecting. Let me just say, anyone expecting animation like the 90’s movies, prepare to be disappointed. It’s not TERRIBLE, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not the beautiful masterpiece that the trailers made it out to be, either. It is a competent enough standard TV anime quality production with some added flairs in terms of filters and blur. The character designs are probably the best part of the switch to a movie format. They are very cute and feel like a mix between the 90’s, season 3 and very slight Yukie Sakou vibes at points. I feel special attention was paid to Chibi Usa as she has probably has the most beautiful scenes. Her ride with Pegasus probably only lasted about 20 seconds but was gorgeous none-the-less. The other standout was probably Ami’s awakening scene. The quality took a noticeable improvement in quality and It looked gorgeous, with fluid hair movement and was the one moment that I can say was ‘movie quality’. The rest is pretty much Crystal season 3 quality. However the quality of the character designs this time around really lift up the average production. Sailor Mars’s attack is probably the nicest looking. There is a gorgeous moment of her not shown in the trailer of her strands of her against her face while pulling the arrow. Mercury’s attack is probably my second favorite, she does play the harp, but it’s different to the 90s. As far as henshin go Mercury was probably the best and most changed and it really captured her cute side! Jupiter’s was the most disappointing as it was almost exactly like Season 3. Venus was decent but.. at the end of her attack she is off center? It’s hard to explain but it’s like her feet are cut off and she is not center frame.

    Furthermore, fight scenes are very straight full forward and are all one hit K.Os. Anyone who was expecting Precure hand to hand combat or some interesting fight chereography, I’m sorry to disappoint you but there is none [​IMG]

    Overall not bad. The characters emote a lot and feel alive thanks to Tandano. I feel the movie excels in the smaller moments. However, Anyone coming into this expecting a sakuga action fest will be sorely disappointed.

    The music

    If you liked Crystal’s BGM then you will enjoy this too, I am sure. There were a few nice pieces here and there. One standout track for me was a piano piece played during Rei’s flashback. Other than that it was standard Crystal fare. If I recall correctly the Senshi didn’t have their own themes but all shared one theme which was pretty similar to the transformation music in the previous seasons. The ending credits were Chairon and Watashitachi Ni Naritakute played on a black background while the credits rolled.


    Overall, it was a good experience and I’m glad I got to see it in the cinema! If you’re expecting an animated masterpiece then you may be disappointed but overall it’s a step up from season 3. If you don’t care about any of the above and are a diehard manga fan who just wants to see the manga adapted exactly like the source material then you definitely won’t be disappointed. It is faithful, for better or worse. I would give the first part a 7.5/10. Raise it to an 8 or 9 if you’re a Crystal stan.

    Here’s to the second movie! I’m excited!

    Random bits and pieces that I forgot to add in:

    There are quite a lot of still shots with added sparkles and hair movement. I think they were trying to recreate the feel of the manga with this? Like Venus in the shower, Chibi Usa and Helios.

    Jesus, Helios disappears and appears A LOT in this movie Like he is playing hide and seek, or something. Just randomly popping up all over the place.

    It was strange to me that none of the inners really talk about their experiences with each other. Like ‘Oh I was targeted’ and now I’ve upgraded!’ Oh, me too!’ Because of this their scenes feel sort of like their own little disconnected episodes, if that makes sense.

    The lighting is one of the things I liked. The way the sunset casts shadows over their faces and so on. It looked really nice at times.

    The 3D when used was tasteful and didn’t look too out of place.

    Moon Gorgeous Meditation was used with the same stock footage like 3 times in the movie. Felt slightly overkill. They transform only once in full though, with a compact transformation the second time.
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    Thank you for your review!

    Sadly it sounds exactly as expected, standard quality animation (or even below par if it's mostly Crystal season 3), and very little creativity in "adapting" the manga.

    I hope we get another adaptation in 10 or 15 years or something.
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  20. I hate that Dragonball, Inuyasha, Naruto all got sequels... And we got a poorly animated adaptation of the manga that has taken them (*checks notes*) SEVEN YEARS to churn out and it's still not even complete.
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