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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jawshx, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. Someone recorded some of the movie on a camera and put it in Twitter and I’m sure Toei is one their ass now ddd. Basically they uploaded Mercury’s dream. It’s on Youtube if you don’t mind spoiling that part for yourself and wanna get a feel for how it looks.

  2. Animation-wise, it's finally looking good! Of course it could always be better, but this is perfectly fine (if not more) und how Crystal should have looked from the beginning. I finally feel like I'm watching those characters again and not some weird alternate-universe-version. Now if only they would've taken the time to flesh out the story. The manga simply doesn't work for me because it moves way too fast.
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  3. I think the pacing issues we are just gonna have to put up with for the rest of Crystal’s run. Apparently a lot of it has to do with Naoko Takeuchi’s iron grip on the franchise after being unhappy with the divergences in the 90’s anime.

    While this is understandable what I don’t understand is why they couldn’t just have changed bits of it to make it flow better while still keeping it faithful overall to the manga. Furthermore, Naoko herself says the she wrote the manga in a rush and that it isn’t perfect. So all things considered it strikes me as strange that they keep insisting on a strict 1:1 adaptation.
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  4. Especially because it just does not hold up that well, I like the stories in the manga, both the Dead Moon Arc and the Stars Arc have clearly the best storyline in the manga compared to the 90s anime version (The Black Moon one was a mess and if I recall properly Naoko was rushed to come up with something) but they could have expanded those stories with longer seasons, having the senshis interacting with each other and have some proper character development and also some cool fights, but it is what it is, I am happy the animation does look gorgeous this time around at least.
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  5. Completely agree with you! I think Eternal is probably the best we are gonna get until they decide to reboot the franchise again in 2035 ddd
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  6. Music Video for Chainon with Eternal clips
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  7. The song has grown on me. I really like the instrumental I just think it could do with a more.. accomplished singer.
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  8. Kind of a movie 1 summary. I love the new BGMs.
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  9. They're going to show Saturn's transformation sequence for the first time ever in the anime. So that's exciting.
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  10. Im so happy! Finally Saturn is getting a transformation. Im so excited for these movies. I want them now
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  11. He


    When is this getting a sub?
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  12. How is the reception of the sequel? Did not see a lot of stuff around
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