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Saint Etienne - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ordon, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. No worries, it's a lot to take in!
  2. Sounds great, just playing it now!
  3. Of course it's not available in the US. Why do I even bother.
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  4. Amazing have an EP bundle (4 tracks) for £1.69. This seems a good deal?
  5. I went to download the Tonight EP from Amazon UK but I couldn't because of geographical restrictions. Same with iTunes. Can artists really complain about illegal downloading when I want to *BUY* their music but can't? Aaargh!
  6. woo hoo we're on iTunes!

    incidentally if anyone has this on vinyl i'd love to see a photo of the label/sleeve! we still haven't seen a copy as yet.
  7. Casino Classics is half great, half overlong and overly indulgent rubbish. I already had the first disc as I bought the Ltd Too Young To Die. Both remixes of Like A Motorway are utter tosh, as is the dreadful Aphex Twin remix of Who Do You Think You Are. Call me old fashioned, but I like a remix to bear some resemblance to the original! However, the mixes of Join Our Club, Avenue, Pale Movie and Hug My Soul are sublime.

    As for the second disc, well it's all about the Way Out West remix of Angel, Burnt Out Car and the Primax mix of He's On The Phone. Definitely worth a purchase in my opinion.
  8. The impression I've got from Martin Kelly is that Casino Classics will attempt to contain every remix of every track that has ever been done, so it could be considerably more than 3 Cd's!
  9. Well, these are some of their most critically acclaimed remixes! Aphex Twin's mix in particular is great - but only if you like ambient music, I guess. Some people seem to want only a particular brand of Saint Etienne - the very poppy/dancey side. There's much more to them than that. They're fans of techno and dub and experiemental music as much as they are of pop and dance. They approved these mixes and in most causes went to the remixer as a fan of their work expecting something a bit different. I approve! I like most of their remixes, but generally find a long dub with zero vocals hard work.

    Considering all of the remixes of Only Love Can Break Your Heart don't fit on 1CD, that's completely ridiculous.
  10. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    If they did do that it would probably only cost about £800 too. Bargain. And then there'd be the 230 disc vinyl edition at £3000.
  11. Exactly! I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding. Perhaps it was one remix of each single, which would be a bit more do-able.
  12. Tonight EP is on Spotify if anyone is interested.
  13. I was able to buy the Tonight e.p. and the Alphabeat single from the UK 7 digital store and I'm here in the states, so my fellow yanks might want to try there.
  14. Thanks for the heads up. I'm Canadian, and I was able to purchase the Tonight EP from the UK 7 Digital store even though I wasn't able to buy from UK iTunes or Amazon UK.
  15. YIKES, the extended mix is breathtaking!
  16. Well Oasis and Paul Weller were once critically acclaimed too and they still sound like unispired, dull, dadrock to these ears...
  17. I was interested. The remixes are all quite good but I'm not regretting not getting the 12". They aren't quite up there with the Cola Boy and Richard X ones for Method of Modern Love.
  18. I've got the album sleeve as my Desktop background, and every time I log on I seem to spot a new reference! One of the slyest is "2112" in the top left corner, named after the Rush progrock LP from the 70s. And I only just spotted "Sisters Of The Moon" and "Devil Gate Drive", haha.
  19. Does anyone know when the details of the album box set are going to be released?
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