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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ordon, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. Not very surprising that Tonight didn't chart, considering they gave it away free first. I have high hopes for the album - top 50 here we come!
  2. TJ


    Such a shame. The track deserves far more recognition.
  3. Ray


    I think by now record labels just haven't got a clue what to do with singles. Similar situation is happening with Garbage's "Blood For Poppies".
  4. Also the same for bigger artists that have a top 5 smash, release the album then follow up with a #82 $ucce$$
  5. I think Will Young is pretty happy with how he's doing, though.
  6. Im amazed you managed to get who I was on about with those chart positions!
  7. I know. I really need to re-examine my life choices.
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  8. Ray


    Any midweek unmentionables' info?
  9. So, if anyone's still wondering, the song didn't chart within the Top200.
  10. Ray


    Oh dear.
  11. There's a small mention of Words and Music in the new Q magazine. Apparently the following link lets you listen to all the songs on the album cover :

    I don't have Spotify so I don't know if it's any good or not. If it turns out to be shit don't shoot the messenger....
  12. Well if tonight is the crapper of the two I can't wait to hear I've Got Your Music!
  13. If they class 'Tonight' as "soft", I am even more deeply excited about this album! Hope we hear the next single soon.
  14. Not keen on I've got the Music unfortunately.
  15. Ray


    So now there are buzz singles and soft singles. Aha. Good to know. In any case I can't wait for the album, they really are my favourite band nowadays.

    Also, early May works for me, make it 7th, a day before my birthday. Ta.
  16. Has anyone heard the samples on Spotify? Are they any good? I can\'t access Spotify from my country.
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  17. I finally received my "Tonight" vinyl today and was horrified to discover that it isn't even a proper 7" card-sleeve.

    "Don't you know there'll be surprises" indeed.
  18. I don't think there are any samples yet. There is a playlist featuring the songs that 'inspired' the album artwork (ie. a list of songs by other artists like Elton John singing 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road'). No samples of new Saint Etienne songs as far as I can tell.
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