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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ordon, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. Well, it is a lot of money, but I've gone for it too.....£35 is only half a tank of petrol after all!
  2. The problem is not the price which seems correct, but all the time and bad energy it'll cost me fromthe moment I'll have ordered the thing :

    - Will it arrive in good condition ?
    - If it's broken, what should I do ?
    - Will the support at Universal answer me ?
    - If I have not received the item on the 15 of july, should I be worried ? Should I write an email to the Universal Store ?
    - If the code for the download does not work, how will I react to the usual "We're sorry and we try to fix the problem" email ?
    - If it arrives at the end of july, when I'm on holyday, what will happen ?
    - WIll I be able to live a whole summer without the new Saint Etienne album ?

    Whereas, if I order the 2 cds version on Amazon :

    Nothing. I won't think about it and will receive the Cds 4 days later.
  3. Make it 997.
  4. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    They should be signing the bloody thing at this price too, y'know.
  5. I was just thinking they should sign them... push the boat out, please.
  6. 996! Can't resist anything limited, damn you St Etienne!
  7. Does anyone find it weird that, a few days from release, Words and Music still isn't listed on iTunes and there aren't any snippets (that you can actually listen to) on Amazon UK? The only listenable snippets are on 7digital.
  8. DiEEnE

    DiEEnE Guest

    IT LEAKED!!!
  9. I don't see it anywhere... I suspect NOT.
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  10. I agree. I don't think it's leaked yet.
  11. I did report to Martin Kelly that the album had leaked the other week, what Universal have done about it I don't know. I don't evem know where to look for 'leaked' albums and things anymore, I used to use Audio Galaxy back in the day. Anyway I've opted for the Box Set Edition too, the addition of been able to download all the content on the 21st May has swung it for me.
  12. The Box set is sold out. I decided to buy it this morning, after all and despite Universal Store... but it's too late. Oh well...
  13. Wow! Just fu*kin wow! How rabid are us Lovers?
  14. Same here - can't believe it's already sold out. Gutted!
  15. [I hate this new forum - you can't quote two different people! It over writes it! Grrr]

    The album never leaked, so I dunno what you were "reporting" to Martin....

    And I'm not surprised the album box set sold out. A new album, 1000 copies only... it was always going to go fast.
  16. Well that's definitely made up my mind for me!!!
  17. It was reported on Lovers Unite that the album had leaked Anfunny, it was then suggested that it should be reported to Martin Kelly or the bods at Universal. As someone on the Lovers Unite forum whom emails Martin occasionaly it was decided that I should let him know, which I did. I was doing my bit as fan. If you have a problem with that deal with it.
  18. Pants. I was just about to order it as well. Oh well, I'll make do with the vinyl.

    Incidentally, it should be mandatory when buying vinyl these days that you get the mp3s free. I hate it when that's not the case.
  19. I don't have a problem with it but there was NO EVIDENCE it had leaked, as I explained on the Lovers Unite forum. It never leaked, Martin did absolutley nothing about it because there was no leak. Someone on the forum saw on Google a torrent file with the title and it was just a fake. There's one for every new release album, movie and game, it's a scam to get you to buy password cracking software in a bid to "unlock" the password protected album, which isn't there in the first place.
  20. That's alright then Anfunny, I was only doing what had been suggested on the Lovers Unite Form. Everyone else seems to be scared of contacting Heavenly about things. When I emailed Martin about the leak I did use the term 'apparently leaked' as I doubted it had actually leaked. Anyway, onto better things.
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