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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ordon, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Kylie's next album should be like this. As dance and as mature and happy/sad as it should be.
    With proper hits and no silly tracks to cover all (unneeded bases).
  2. The postman better deliver tomorrow!
  3. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    To be honest I thought "This sounds like a Kylie song" about 7 times during the first listen. Sarah actually sounds very like her in many places.
  4. I don't think they, or Sarah, sound like Kylie at all. I never have. Kylie, for me, has no emotion, experience or depth in her voice... Sarah sounds honest and very down to Earth. She's got a wonderful warm, mellowness in her delivery... it's gentle and sweet. Kylie is very screechy and high and fluttery... I actually find Kylie a poor vocalist. She always sounds the same and borders on bland to my ears. I like her, the product, but purely on vocals, she's nowt special. Sarah's weaknesses are different, but yes, she can fail to hit the notes, etc. I can weep to Sarah though (Hobart Paving, accompanied with nothing more than an accordian, live in 2010), but never Kylie. There's zero emotion invested in her music, maybe it's just a fan-thing. If others say they (can) sound the same, so be it.

    Played the album 3 and a bit times today. Haunted Jukebox is my favourite. DJ is a killer single.
  5. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    I've never really noticed it before this album, but on the higher notes, when Sarah's voice is going a bit thin and whispery, there are shades of Minogue to my ears. But it's all subjective.

    Hobart Paving caught me at an odd moment just yesterday in fact and made me get teary.
  6. ^(Kylie has no emotion or depth in her voice?! Experience!? *dkfjas;dkfj*)

    I'm so excited to listen to this later tonight. Being a new fan, can some of you veterans recommend a full album to start with? I'll Spotify them all over the next few days but I want a good jumping off point - the best representation of them as band and their sound.
  7. I swear the most asked question on this forum over the years remains, "I'm new to Saint Etienne - where do I start?". In a good way! As always, pick up a best of. The single disc London Conversations is a perfect door opener. £7 or 2 for £10...;0;-1;-1;-1&sku=594153

    Their single disc albums are also all in the 2 for £10. Treat yourself to London Conversations and... either So Tough, Good Humor or Fox Base Alpha? Let us know how you find them, though.
  8. This is almost preposterous. There's hardly any female pop singers who can convey emotion as well as Kylie does. And very diverse emotion, too.

    Anyway, I'm SO looking forward to this album. In fact, because I'm so excited about it, I think I'll make myself a week longer - with Eurovision next week, I wouldn't be able to give it as much attention as it deserves.
  9. Erm, my emotions aren't the same as yours? Kylie's vocals do nothing for me. I hope that's alright with you?
  10. Oh excellent! Thanks, I'll get to work.
  11. There isn't really one definitive album... I would say Sound Of Water is probably the least likely to work as an intoduction... but all of their albums brush with pop, dance, techno, folk, 60s pop and a million other things. I always tell people to do a best of, then head for the album which features their favourite singles.
  12. I have to say I'm totally loving this album. Cannot wait to get my hands on the 2 disc hard copy cd......For me they've always been more of a singles band. I've loved all the singles but felt that they most definitely always released the best tracks off the albums as the singles and the rest of the albums had a lot of filler......but this new album, no filler at all. Just perfect.
  13. "Filler"?! Christ. If ever there was one band who never offered up filler, it's Saint Etienne. Their
    endless supply of b-sides, fan club releases, bonus discs, remixes, freebies, compilation contributions, alternative versions and so on and so forth show how much recording, demo-ing, remixing, re-recording, thought etc. they put into each album. They work very hard at getting a total album together - zero filler! The quality is always excellent. Some of their studio scraps would be at number 1 for 18 months if one of these "celebrity/personality pop stars" stuck them out. I stuggle to think of a crap song in their back catalogue. I never skip tracks on their albums... they are very good at constructing albums. And yes, a cracking singles band, too!
  14. I should also mention that I own every one of their albums. On real, store bought compact discs and everything. Just that none of the albums tend to stay in my player for very long and when the mood strikes me to listen to Saint Etienne, I tend to go for one of the singles collections. typically Smash the System. At the opposite end of the spectrum for me is Sound Of Water, which I think I've played maybe 5 times in total.....and that's after shelling out like $45 for the Japanese import when it was released. And, to further clarify, I'm not trashing them. I love these guys, just moreso the singles. though this album looks to change that.
  15. Haha! Sorry, I'm just being a bit obsessive with them right now... favourite band ever and all that.
  16. Their best album since Good Humour. I do think the last three albums had 'some' filler but not the earlier albums.

    Some of Kylie's songs are emotive, to me, but I don't see any purpose to compare the two acts?
  17. First impressions: Album is really good, DJ is ridiculously amazing. Most of the remixes on disc 2 are a bit meh.
  18. Over The Border makes me feel sad yet blissful at the same time. I hear Sarah's soft monologue and suddenly my breathing gets deeper. Then when she starts singing, the feeling only gets deeper. It's been a while since a song touched my heart and soul like this. Freakin amazing song...
  19. Ray


  20. DiEEnE

    DiEEnE Guest

    Popular is my go to track and I've got your music(album version) are my personal stand outs.
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