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Saint Etienne - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ordon, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. Fucking love it.

    How many bloody mistakes are there with the tracklistings though?!
  2. Mistakes are the things that we'll laugh at and cherish in a few years time.

    Or fucking hate them.
  3. The DJ mistake isn't on the 1CD version.
  4. I ordered the 2CD edition from Play and it was despatched on Thursday but it hasn't arrived yet. Fingers crossed for Monday! Really looking forward to seeing them next Friday, I've not seen them live since the Sound of Water album.
  5. I wonder if the Deluxe Edition will be part of the limited boxset...
  6. Played it once, sounds nice enough. Will need a few more plays before I love it. Their Liverpool concert is gonna be great, it's at a fab venue.
  7. I agree the remixes are mostly crap.

    The 2 Bears did a much better job of remix selection on their album.
  8. Oooh that's where I'm going!
  9. Awesome album. Definitely one of my top albums of the year, and the best one so far.
  10. I must admit, I'm wondering if this could be the album to topple Tiger Bay as my favourite Et album. It's THAT good.
  11. Have you been the Kazimer before? It's a great little venue, it'll be like having them in a really cosy little club.The venue is full of bizarre little nooks and crannys, steps and ledges. They should go down a storm as it'll be nicely intimate. I'd imagine it'll draw a lot of their northwaet fans as I think they're not doing Manchester this time. It should be ace!
  12. No, I've never been. Very much looking forward to it though.

    Yeah I live in Manchester. I was a bit irritated that they weren't playing here if I'm honest. I'm nothing if not lazy!!!
  13. Ha, it's Liverpool's revenge. I'm forever forced to travel to Manchester for gigs, so it's nice to find people having to do it the other way around!
  14. No they don't. As much as I love SE and this album, PSB are still the best. Their imperial run from '86-'93 is unrivalled in pop.
  15. It's not 93 anymore though? Pet Shop Boys have been off the boil for sometime... but who cares, it's a Saint Etienne thread!

    I'm seeing the final date of the tour - again! I always go for the last night. Dying to see the set list. I want Shower Scene! It was taken off the last tour after a problem with the synth backing tapes.
  16. A thought: Words And Music By... is Saint Etienne's first major label album release? Heavenly, Creation, Mantra, Sanctury... and now Universal.
  17. That maybe part of the reason that people are actually hearing about the album? I don't remember so many reviews or general buzz etc prior to release for their other albums, maybe majors do a good job sometimes despite all the bad press they get - mind you saying that Universal didn't do a great job with MDNA but it's probably because it was only a distribution deal as far as I'm aware.
  18. Sarah is unwell! She's not turned up to the album playback/Q&A/Sunday roast event this afternoon! I hope she's well enough for the tour this week... eeeek. Also, if they give away a free CD at todays event, I'll go mad.
  19. Ooh I do hope she's better by Thursday. I have people coming from London to see the gig with me!!!
  20. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Wasn't Wood Cabin Sony? I remember the Q review mentioning a major label first.
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