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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ordon, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. I’m a format snob so was initially peeved that there is going to be a separate Blu-ray release of the film. But then I realised I’ll probably never watch it again.
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  2. Still waiting for mine to ship!
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  3. Anyone tried the download code that comes with the vinyl? Getting a 404 page here.
  4. Surprised but pleased with the sales in the UK for this album.
  5. I just signed into Bandcamp using the same email address as when I bought the LP. Even managed to download it to my iPad, which is great as I don’t have a Mac.
  6. How come this was #14 on Monday midweeks and now it's up to #11?

    Don't think they can make the top 10 due to streaming, but so glad for them!
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  7. This being a bit of a curio in their discography (that I might only sometimes return to) has had the effect of putting me right back into a Saint Etienne mood and I’m FINALLY listening to a lot of the records I never got around to back in the day. I discovered them while still in school I think in the mid-00s but beyond a few odd tracks here and there I only knew the first 3 albums well. I’ve loved diving head first into the records that came since. I think maybe I was too young to appreciate their post-Tough output fully, seeing as so much of it feels like adult nostalgia for times and places gone by, or at least meditative and focused on the historical. Now nearly 30, I feel more in tune with a lot of what I’m hearing.

    Already knew Tales from Turnpike House as it was recent when I discovered them. Adoring Finisterre and Words & Music in particular, and now it’s time for Good Humor.
  8. Did your RT mix cd arrive separately? My album/dvd set has appeared, but extra disc wasn’t in with it
  9. Was there a CD/DVD + Remix CD option to order? I ordered the CD + remix EP option as I’d no need for another DVD in my life. I thought the only way to get the remix EP was in the single disc CD bundle.
  10. I still don't know how I feel about this album, but it reminds me a lot of the remix EP Seefeel did for the Cocteau Twins in the mid 90s. Pete and Bob probably picked it out of their CD rack at random knowing them.

    Watch the band be trolls and drop another album in December
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  11. I'd enjoy this way more if I didn't know the samples.
  12. I think I read that this was originally going to be less of a “main studio album” and they were considering other ways of releasing it but then it got upgraded to a normal album campaign situation. I can see why they were in two minds but it’s interesting I guess.
  13. My CD/DVD set arrived yesterday so I watched it last night. The accompanying film is very homoerotic and even has a penis in it!
  14. Yes - it was the CDx2+ option.
  15. 'Orders it straight away'
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  16. Ah, I read that listing as not including the EP. The listing for the EP doesn’t say it comes with the CDX2+, just the 10.99 single CD, which with the EP makes it CDx2. Which was confusing.
    “Bonus CD (Limited while stocks last, available with £10.99 CDx2 and £21.99 Rough Trade Exclusive Powder Blue LP) contains three remixes

    Blue Kite (Vince Clarke Remix)

    Fonteyn (Daniel Avery Remix)

    Penlop (Jane Weaver Remix)”
  17. Yeah the Rough Trade site was confusing, as the bonus remix CD was itemised in different ways on each listing, but both the CD, and the CD/DVD packages came with the bonus.

    In other news, I’m absolutely loving this album. So different to anything they’ve ever done before and absolutely right for post–lockdown late–summer hazy chillout. I love the design of the era too, and can’t wait to watch the film (I’ll wait for the Blu-ray). Using Tasmin Archer and Lightning Seeds has really tapped into my past.

    If you haven’t yet heard it, go check out the Track By Track podcast with Pete’s interview. Oh, and Pete…marry me?
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  18. I’ve queried it with them as the usual RT way to indicate one of their extra discs is the + symbol, but apparently not this time!
  19. So this charted at 14, their highest placement since Tiger Bay. It’s number 8 on sales and 4 on vinyl. Good for them (and my six copies)
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