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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Dennis, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. Saint Etienne

    From their newsletter:

    "Some most intreeging news... first up, we're releasing a 'new' single - or more precisely, a Xenomania-produced re-make of a 'lost' single. It's BURNT OUT CAR, and it'll be out in early September. Mark Brown has done a very seasonal Balearic mix, and there will be three new b-sides to boot: River is the 7", Destroy The Building and Night Vision are on CD1. Mr Brown's work will appear on CD2."

    Carnt sleep wait.
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  2. Ray


    Re: 'New' Saint Etienne single - Burnt out car

    Holy DAMN -- what happened to This Is Tomorrow Richard X mix then?!
  3. Re: 'New' Saint Etienne single - Burnt out car


    "A couple of weeks later, LONDON CONVERSATIONS: THE BEST OF SAINT ETIENNE will be in the shops. It comes in three delicious 'flavas': a single 18 track cd; a
    double with every other a-side, some of our best album tracks, and - yes! - Lover Plays The Bass; and a 3 disc set in a beautiful book cover with a dvd of all our promo vids."

  4. Ray


    Re: 'New' Saint Etienne single - Burnt out car

    Okay. I'm buying.
  5. Re: 'New' Saint Etienne single - Burnt out car

    Hmmm, I'm a bit torn whether to get this or not, although I probably will. It's just, I have their previous DVD so £18 for a few extra songs and 4 extra videos doesn't seem worth it somehow. I shall see. Still, I'd have preferred an new album instead. Three years is a long wait!
  6. nnnumb

    nnnumb Guest

    Re: 'New' Saint Etienne single - Burnt out car

    I want a new album too! Although I doubt that they'll ever be able to better Teenage Winter, which is just gorgeousness incarnate.

    I suppose I'll buy another best of though. It does sound quite nice.
  7. Re: 'New' Saint Etienne single - Burnt out car

    Plus it'll be in a lovely book. Mmm, pretty. I'm quite glad that they've put Teenage Winter on though, it deserves it. When I saw them do it live I was basically a puddle on the floor!
  8. Re: 'New' Saint Etienne single - Burnt out car

    Wow! lots of exciting news all at once.

    Bit upset that there are only 2 new tracks on the new album but then having 3 new B sides makes up for that (Although I already have Night Vision and it aint all that)

    I am loving the fact that Xenomania have given burnt Out Car the kiss of life, hopefully they can rescue it from the VERY mid 90s sound it currently has.

    And it may sound really sad but I am so chuffed they have done a special version with a BOOK! How often does that happen anymore? Saint Etiennes photography is often to die for.
  9. Re: 'New' Saint Etienne single - Burnt out car

    I am so looking forward to BURNT OUT CAR 2008.
    I am not sure there is a need for this BEST OF. I would have preferred a new album, really, but hey- I'm not complaining.
  10. Re: 'New' Saint Etienne single - Burnt out car

    I'm amazed neither 'tell me why (the riddle)' and 'The story continues' are on. I know they're not either proper t'ettienne songs but as their biggest comercial successes in recent years you'd think they'd be included.
  11. Re: 'New' Saint Etienne single - Burnt out car

    Anyone recommend a Saint Etienne album for me to buy? I've a few songs and they're brilliant.
  12. Re: 'New' Saint Etienne single - Burnt out car

    'So tough' is my all-time favourite. Battling it out for second position are 'Foxbase Alpha', their first one, and 'Tales from Turnpike House', their last one.

    Edit: I feel bad for not mentioning 'Tiger Bay', but then I am a fanboy.
  13. Re: 'New' Saint Etienne single - Burnt out car

    I much much prefer their later stuff

    Turnpike House is their pop album, Finisterre is their electro album, Sound of Water is their slow ambient album and Good Humor is their retro 60/70s album.

    Choose whatever your preference is, although they are all amazing.
  14. Re: 'New' Saint Etienne single - Burnt out car

    I'll join you in the queue!

    I heart Tiger Bay til the very end.It's just so serene and blissful and beautiful.Also, until i read this, i was *this* close to getting the Smash the System DVD for the videos, but will now hold out for the special edition.
  15. Re: 'New' Saint Etienne single - Burnt out car

    The 3 disc set sounds intriguing (yes that's how you spell it!). As for favourite albums, I'd say So Tough and now I've just realised I only have it on vinyl and have no speakers for my record player. *feels panicky* But there's something ace on all their albums and I'd say Tales From Turnpike House was a return to form (apart from the one David Essex sings on, my sister is so alarmed by him she couldn't even listen to it no matter how much she loves St Et).
  16. Re: 'New' Saint Etienne single - Burnt out car

    I'm right behind you in said queue!

    My favourite Et album is Tiger Bay too. But I adore Finisterre, Tales.. and Good Humor. In fact, all their albums are aceness!

    I'm slightly miffed that we're getting no actual new tracks, but a Xenomania re-remix (if you catch my drift) of Burnt Out Car (which is genius) is very intriguing!
  17. Re: 'New' Saint Etienne single - Burnt out car

    I disagree! ALL of the albums feature pop, electro, slow ambient and retro 60/70s! Saint Etienne are many things all at once and none of their albums fit neatly into one genre. They are a great singles band so I would buy a singles collection and whatever singles are your favourites, head for the parent album... but expect some variety on there!
  18. Re: 'New' Saint Etienne single - Burnt out car

    I'll be buying this if only for the book. The Kiss And Make Up remix I've been listening to this week is really good.
  19. Re: 'New' Saint Etienne single - Burnt out car

    A hard question, since i think that everything they've ever done is good (to say the list).
    My absolute favourites must be:

    -Fox Base Alpha
    -Tales from Turnpike House.

    I cannot put these three in preference order. For me they are absolutely essential. I would suggest that you take them chronologically -starting with Fox Base A, then Finisterre, then Turnpike. Perhaps they will be more 'accessible' this way...

    For a weird reason, Saint Etienne compilations do not have the same impact for me that the albums have. Their albums (or at least the very great ones) establish a curious thematic -a wholeness of sound, and a particular angle in their (lyrical, vocal and musical) sensitivity. In a collection all this is there, but not with the continuity and completion of an album.
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