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Saint Etienne.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dennis, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. I really don't get the home counties hatred on here. It's got great singles (especially Dive) and the rest is a nice solid listen. And 'Train driver's is a joy.
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  2. Compared to the W&M era, the marketing & release for 'Home Counties' were noticeably less...polished.

    'Heather' was an admittedly strange selection as the first sneak peek of the album. And then 'Magpie Eyes' was released nonchalantly & quietly.

    I sometimes wonder if the way the album release was handled impacted people's impressions.
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  3. For acts who aren't that big a seller, that kind of pre-release tracks is the norm now. It's about getting a taste of the palette of the album with a few pre release tracks rather than 'leading with a smash single'.
  4. Thank you. I think what freaked me a bit, after a friend questioned the track list, was that Western Wind isn’t listed twice.

    I have a boxset but am yet to listen to it, so I guess I’ll find out soon enough!
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  5. I personally loved Heather, felt strange and dark and had me excited for the album. i've listened to it a few times but i was disappointed generally
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  6. I should probably try with Home Counties again. I haven't listened to anything from it besides Dive and Out Of My Mind since release week.
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  7. Out of my mind is great. Try it in bits rather than one long sitting. Heather and Magpie Eyes are solid after a couple of listens, Train drivers in Eyeliner is wonderful and Something new is a nice start.
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  9. I think I'll give this a miss. The original is shite.
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  10. Etienne singing Hobart Paving?!? Yes, please. I wonder if It will have Sarah’s backing vocals?
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  11. I forgot this came out! Looks like it's only on Itunes in the UK. The Live Weekend/Phone mix is cute. Etienne's Hobart Paving is faithful to the original, but with weird demo synths. I would love to know the background of its recording.
  12. I'm starting to discover Saint Etienne and Only Love Can Break Your Heart along with all its remixes is absolutely fantastic. I'm hooked even though I'd been familiar with I Blame Coco's version of the song before but didn't bother to check the group's version (or Neil Young's for that matter).

    I Was Born On Christmas Day is another endearing and catchy single, especially now when there's a little more than a month till Christmas.

    Should I begin listening to their albums in order of release or is there a particular album/s to start with and then move on to the rest?
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  13. You might as well work through them in order!
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  14. Yes, in order makes sense. Leaves the disappointment of Home Counties until much later too
  15. ...I really love Home Counties.
  16. Touche.

    Also @sinner, don't be put off by Sound of Water. Fortunately it's just a blip and they get good again straight afterwards.
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  17. ...I really love Sound of Water.
  18. ‘Sound of Water’ is excellent.
  19. Fox Base Alpha
    So Tough
    Tiger Bay

    ..what a run.
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