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Saint Etienne.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Dennis, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. The same.

    I mean, we’re fans, we buy it all on release, then on the deluxe reissues, then on eBay if we missed the limited web crashing release.

    Then for the sake of a fiver we’d all pay for a St Et Christmas single, we have to find another twenty quid to buy items we don’t want.

    Just annoys me. (In case that wasn’t obvious. No Christmas cheer here)
  2. I didn’t notice that, is it stated somewhere glaringly obvious?

    Not that it matters. The T shirts I like are never in the size I want. And to cap it all the St Et book is on their site for £20 and you get a copy of the Barbican CD too. Argh.

    I will try to stop ranting shortly. I’d really quite like the Urban Clearway shirt. Typical. Sorry.
  3. It was in their facebook post:
    "PLUS! As we're in the studio working on some new songs, we thought we'd record a couple of new Christmas numbers - 'Thank You Very Much' and 'Tramway Song'. Anyone ordering a copy of MISADVENTURES (or spending more than £20 in our online shop) before Christmas will receive both songs on a CD housed inside a Christmas card (FO014) signed by all three of us. You can't say fairer than that, can you?"
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  4. Misadventures vinyl is available now (both colours). Got my order in and confirmed in next to no time!
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  5. Same Greedbag bullshit as ever for me. Trying to give them my money; website can’t cope.
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  6. Ordered the white, a bit slow, not too bad.
  7. I got there in the end.
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  8. That was 100% painless. A first.
  9. Looks like all gone already? People must have been bulk buying to sell or lots of people want one in each colour!

    Edit: Yep some on eBay already for £60!
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  10. God bless the flippers.

    Or something like that.
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  11. Making two colours available was always going to mean less people would get a copy.
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  12. They’re not sold out, they’ve just suspended ordering for a while to allow US fans to purchase them when they wake up.

    They’ll be available again soon.
  13. Thank god, I panicked when I saw they weren't on the front page of greedbag. Hopefully it will be back up soon.
  14. Managed to grab a copy of the Misadventures white Vinyl, listening to it now for the first time and it is rather lovely! Also the Christmas 2019 EP is very nice to have but the tracks are nothing really that special 'cosy' is the word i think.
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  15. I'm deep in Foxbase Alpha right now. God, what genius. Everything down to the t-shirts the band wore had thought behind it. Conceptual pop music with that level of care and detail is really somethimg special.

    Now can someone explain why the singer of Only Love Can Break Your Heart refused to appear in the video?
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  16. Which version of the video are you watching?
  18. I always thought that was the singer!
  19. Same here! I'm sure that's Moira Lambert. The other version features Sarah and as we all know Sarah doesn't; sing OLCBYH, not the released version anyway.
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