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Saint Etienne.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Dennis, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. @Patriku @JAMIOUSE

    It isn't Moira Lambert. It's Lucy Gillie from Golden (an indie pop band from the '90s) miming Moira's words. Here she is:


    No-one seems to know why Moira didn't want to take part when she provided the lush vocals.
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  2. Bloody manufactured you tell me that they didn´t write the song...
  3. I'm hearing through the grapevine that a new album + tour may be arriving around October!
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  4. Hopefully more engaging than Home Counties!
  5. I managed to track down a Surrey North EP. Mostly dreamy, slightly r'n'b influenced instrumentals. Gorgeous.
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  6. Is there still a chance of new material in 2020?
  7. I'm still gutted they cancelled their two last announced concerts in Barcelona, especially the Tiger Bay anniversary one. That was literally a dream come true...
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  8. I'm sure there'll be a 30th anniversary tour next year. Well, if tours exist post Covid-19 that is.
  9. Whilst I thought Home Counties was quite nice, I hope any new album is more in the vein of Words and Music, that was wonderful!
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  10. ^Same (though, I do love 'Home Counties'). 'Saturday Boy' was a nice little electro bop that sorta flew under the radar.
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  11. Am still trying to get their management to put out the Trouser Enthusiasts radio edits of Sylvie and Lose That Girl.
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  12. You are truly doing the Lord's work...
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  13. The remix video was on YouTube for a while before disappearing - guessing it was a copyright/record label issue.

    Shame - I adore the Trouser Enthusiasts’ mix of Sylvie. The edit was played on Radio 1 when the U.K. chart was announced that week in 98 and they entered at #12. Happy times!
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  14. Overall I think this is my favourite album of theirs.
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  15. This morning I got to listen to Golden and Oval.

    Have these Pete and Bob tracks ever been compiled (probably along with Cola Boy?)
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  17. So I bought a turntable and thought I’d give Home Counties a spin as I’ve had the special edition for three years without any chance to play it.

    I’ll admit, this hasn’t been my favourite album of theirs in the past, but I’m listening with new ears. I have to say, the sequencing, pace, tone and mood of this record really suits the LP format.

    I’m really intrigued to keep returning to this one now, and I’m really happy about that. Just at Sarah talking about her railway journey to Southend right now, and even this sounds fresh and new.

    I’m delighted.
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  18. Well, I like Home Counties too.
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