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Saint Etienne.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Dennis, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. I suppose you need to be British to really enjoy Home Counties. I´m not, so....
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  2. I'm British and I don't get all the references either, it's very niche! I do like it though.
  3. Yes it is Saint Etienne (inadvertently) pastiching Saint Etienne. It does all get a bit overly cliched. The track names are like something from some hideous online Saint Etienne random track name generator meme.
  4. ^ Haha yes! Like...

    Ealing Broadway Station Elevator or Dansette at Pudding Lane Pelican Crossing...

    They do have ridiculous song titles....
  5. Home Counties was the first album of theirs I didn’t buy or even listen to (maybe once on Spotify). I keep waiting for it to be on sale as it annoys the OCD completist in me not to have it.
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  6. I’m the same - in fact I had to just go check if I’d even found a cheap copy yet to fill the hole!
  7. I´d stan that one!
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  8. Coming soon on just discovered red vinyl 10” - only 25 left
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  9. I was the same but i listened to it again and it’s a lot better than I remembered
  10. Home counties has four killer tracks 'Dive', 'Out of my mind', 'Magpie eyes' and 'Train drivers in eyeliner'. 'Heather' is pretty good too, so it's worth it for those 5 even if some of the others are a bit pedestrian.
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  11. I can confirm there is no elevator at Ealing Broadway station which is a disgrace in this day and age.
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  12. My favourite from the era. The album is a solid 8/10 for me.
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  13. Heather was pretty instant for me and I thought the album was going to be more like that. It’s quite Finistere
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  14. As part of a larger pandemic clean-out, I found a copy of the 2014 Saint Etienne book published by the now defunct First Third Books and it is a really lovely object. I seem to remember that they sold signed copies through their own online store, or did I imagine that?
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