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SALES - Forever & Ever (July 19th)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Andy French, May 16, 2018.

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    Excellent dream-pop/alternative band from Orlando. I've been following them for a bit and it's been a joy to watch them grow and evolve (honestly, I'm surprised there isn't a thread for them already!). They just put out a new song last night called White Jeans, and it's lovely:

    Their first album and EP are also worth a look.

    @Jwentz @fancygreen @aaronhansome @LE0Night @Noir
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  2. orlandoooooooooookkkccurrrrr

    Let me listen to this when I'm out of work hold on saving on Spoterfy now.
  3. Oh and they'll be at the dirtiest venue in Orlando in July, hope I like em!
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  4. Thanks for the tag @Andy French! White Jeans is really nice, I'm getting laidback Shura kinda vibes. Definitely plan on digging in to the rest when I get a chance!
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  5. Interesting. "White Jeans" definitely has a dreamy soundscape I'm into. I'll investigate further!
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  6. White Jeans is very lovely indeed, thanks for tagging me into this thread @Andy French
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  7. mmmm yas! Fleetwood Mac revival band playing the after-dinner shift on a space hotel ship's lounge bar in 2043.


    Thanks Andrew! xx
  8. Thanks for the tag @Andy French!

    I'm really feeling all three songs. They will make the perfect soundtrack to these heat-fueled desert summer days I have ahead of me. I look forward to listening to more from them.
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  9. I've been enjoying their singles at a distance for years now after a Stereogum tip-off.

    White Jeans is great.

    I've also always loved their visuals.
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