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Sally Shapiro - "Fading Away" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hotdog, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. I love the cover art!
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  2. I love Sally's vocals. Love the new single (although I already bought the original and Love On Ice EP) - but I think this single version is ever better.

    Glad to see Tommy '86 and Electric Youth on the album too.
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  3. I still can't believe we're getting a new Sally Shapiro album on Italians Do It Better - it's like a dream! I feel in my bones this is going to be a stellar record.
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  4. This is my favourite song from the new album so far.

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  5. Dear Santa, please bring us the Instrumental in pristine quality without compression!

  6. Features tracks previously not on streaming. Hoping it's coming to Bandcamp and iTunes as well.
  7. New song/video: Down This Road

    Personally I don´t have much to say about it.
  8. An odd choice for single as this has already been out as part of the Highway Superstar album last year.
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  9. Fuuuuuuuuck. What??? A new Sally Shapiro album?!

    I’ve literally only just read this. Had no idea singles had already been out. Sally Shapiro is only pretty much my favourite band of the last decade.

    It’s late, so I haven’t listened to any of the new stuff. Cannot wait for tomorrow! And bring on the new album.
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  10. "Dulcinea" out now, ahead of the album on Friday.

  11. Where do I buy the LP? Even on the Italians Do It Better site, it's not listed for sale.
  12. I think only the CD is available at the moment. Vinyl is probably delayed.
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  13. I’ve just found the CD on Bandcamp. It’s the only place I’ve found to be selling it!
  14. I love it, so glad there is a new album tomorrow. I was so disappointed when they broke up.
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  15. Happy Sally Day! Once Storm Eunice has blown over I’m going to find a quiet corner and relax into Sad Cities.
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  16. There’s also a “signed by Sally & Johan” option at the checkout, which is very sweet of them
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  17. Diving into this. Love In Slow Motion immediately stands out but everything is gorgeous so far.

    EDIT: Okay well Sad City is a bit of a bop.
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  18. I feel like this is a bit of a leap forward for them! It's much sleeker without losing the charm of the previous albums.
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  19. Limited edition home-recorded cassettes available via their Bandcamp.


    "Home-recorded cassette, recorded on a brand new Sony cassette player. Limited to 20 copies signed and numbered by Sally, only one copy per customer please."
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