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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Pop Life, Dec 26, 2014.

  1. Thought these pioneers deserved a thread of their own.

    They're currently all over American television in a commercial for Geico using a re-recording of their classic "Push It": They even resurrected their late 80's look for the spot:


    Their voices sound so... deep. Still, it's fun to see them doing their thing.
  2. I adored Ben Liebrand's remixes of their singles for the International market; "Expression", "Do You Want Me", "Let's Talk About Sex", "You Showed Me", "Start Me Up", "Shoop" and "Whatta Man".

    Also, Paul Oakenfold's remix of "None Of Your Business" is phenomenal... probably my very favourite track of theirs.
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  3. I bloody love Salt 'n' Pepa - I spent December buying loads of their old CD singles.

    Does anyone know if they did many amazing features? I love their bit on Sybil's Crazy for You.
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  4. They're on the Pebbles single Backyard off the top of my head.

    I love Mugs Metal Mix of this, it kind've goes hand-in-hand with En Vogue's Free Your Mind for me - rap, soul and metal guitars!
  5. Thanks anfunny, I'll check that Pebbles song out.

    And I meant to say in my original post - I think the Muggs metal mix of None of Your Business is my favourite by them - it's certainly one of the things that made an impression on me at the time.

    Mind you, I have a weird fondness for Champagne too.
  6. I only realised recently the Hard ECU Edit on "The Best Of" from 1999 is actually a different edit to the single version Hard ECU Edit from 1992!
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  7. They resurrect the Push It look when they do live shows now, jackets anbd all -I saw them at Wireless and I was in heaven great 1 hour set. And I met them later as they were watching Outkast in front of us. I shouted PEPA! and they all came over. So sweet!
  8. That's a great remix, too!

    Some may instead know this version as the Barb Wire Metal Mix as it was featured on the soundtrack to that classic piece of... cinema:


    Muggs' other remix of "None Of Your Business" featured on the maxi (simply called Muggs Mix) is another favourite. A more hip hop-leaning affair, it features a great uncredited sample from Lawrence Payton's (Four Tops) "Tell Me You Love Me (Love Sounds)".
  9. Shoop appears in the new Deadpool movie (which is great, BTW) and as I expected, it's is back in the charts. Well, the iTunes Top 200 anyway! Twice!

  10. 'Push It' is of course pop gold, but I heard 'Let's Talk About Sex' for the first time in years yesterday and it's even worse than I remembered.
  11. Wow, seriously? I love it. Or at least the True Confessions Edit (by Ben Liebrand) that we got in the UK...
  12. How can anyone dislike "Let's Talk About Sex". It's one of those songs that seemed so of-its-time yet its message is still profound today. Plus, it's a great song.

    I just picked up the ICON compilation. Nice to see they included their collaboration with Pebbles, "Backyard".
  13. I always found it strange they released a Greatest Hits compilation album in 1991. At that point, they'd only had 3 top 40 hits here.
  14. I was proper bopping to Shoop in my theatre seat. Hearing that song (and Angel of the Morning during the opening credits) made the Deadpool experience all the more enjoyable.
  15. On the subject of Salt N Pepa Greatest Hits, which is the best one to get? I've wanted one for ages but there seems to be so many out there that I can't figure out which is the most comprehensive. I'm thinking this one at the moment:
  16. They released A Blitz Of Salt-N-Pepa Hits in 1990, which was pretty much a remix album in the US/Canada. The UK release in mid-1991 was more of a greatest hits...


    They'd had 5 UK top 40 singles by then, but the Black's Magic album tanked here, so it was perhaps a way of moving swiftly on from that? The bizarre thing was just three months later, they released an actual greatest hits AND a companion remix album in the UK!

    They went on to have another 10 top 40 hits here.
  17. 'Greatest Hits' was their first charting album here, oddly. Two of their 3 charting albums here have been 'hits' collections, the other being 'The Very Best of' in 2000.
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