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Sam Callahan I Love It When You

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Troylovesmusic, May 8, 2016.


    In the form of 2013 X Factor Contestant Sam Callahan

    The song is actually surprisingly decent and according to him got to number 1 on the US Dance ITunes Charts .
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  2. MB


    So basically anyone can get to number 1 on the US dance charts!? It's ok - the chorus is a let down and he's wearing too many clothes in the video.
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  3. Well it's not in the top 200 anymore. Poor it.

    (It has nice moments but overall it's a bit shit)
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  4. Kill me.
  5. I like it! Quite Adam Lambert in sound which is no bad thing.

    And he is very fit which always helps.
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  6. I listened to it and I think it gave me cancer.
  7. I Love It When You Flop
  8. This is SO the vibe they should have pushed for him to do on the X Factor like this is somewhat decent. With a more meaty chorus this would be a great club tune.

    He should totally do a team up with a producer and serve me some male Cascada in 2016 he could be an Ibiza smash.
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  9. He should take his top off for the next video. That was his only mistake here.
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  10. I sat next to him on a flight once.

    That's the extent of my interest in this.
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  11. Love it!

    Did he smell good?
  12. He has a weak arse voice and no personality whatsoever. I'm surprised that anyone is investing money in him in 2016.
  13. Oh, the whole chorus section is terrible. My god.

    I appreciate the gaybait and his voice/delivery sounds great.
  14. He's no Reggie'n'Bollie is he?
  15. At least they can perform.

    I know why you're interested in him, and it has nothing to do with his voice, performance ability or the quality of that song!
  16. They couldn't hold a note when you actually stripped away the backing track, production and cast of thousands dancers! I still have nightmares about their "performance" on the final.

    I can't think what you mean.

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