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Sam Hunt - 23 and new album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Beginner, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. Ray


  2. Aren't we all. I actually heard his music before I saw him and liked it (Take Your Time was so huge in the Netherlands, you know what else is?)... Yeah.
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  3. Ray


    I hear he's a musician in addition to his softcore porn (I wish) career indeed.
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  4. YAS Zaddy Hunt the Elusive Shirtless Chanteuse
  5. I hope Body Like a Backroad shuts up these rampant country fans that shoot down anything he releases for "not being country".

    Delighted he's coming back - although it seems like he's taking a singles based approach, I read yesterday he's not waiting until a full album is ready before releasing new music. Although I'd imagine we'll have an album by the time he's touring.

    Shame there are a no UK tour dates. He was incredible at C2C.
  6. It's out.

    "DJ Mustard hoedown" isn't a bad description, honestly. But there really is nothing country-ish about it. He's basically abandoned country music (and I'm here for it).
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  7. I like it, unlike the one he released a few weeks ago
  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    i honestly can't stop thinking about this picture help me
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  9. I'm ready to stan him just on that picture alone.
  10. I forgot I could embed Spotify now:

    This is going to get bumped at parties everywhere. It's an impressive pivot to something that sounds like a streaming hit.
  11. Eh. It's not bad but it's a bit too Bro-country for my liking. It'll be a hit at straight white people parties but I'll wait for the album. Get that radio smash tho.
  12. Ray


    I hope the video features Sam dressed like on that pic above writhing on the floor for four minutes. I'll watch it with sound off just in case.
  13. It OK, but indeed too much bro-ness. Where is the Diplo collab at?
  14. Dear lord.

  15. I hope we get to see some of his back road in the video.
  16. Thank god Body Like A Backroad is a bit of a bop.
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  17. I'm not really feeling Body Like A Back Road...I hope it grows on me.
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  18. I'm not feeling it either, and I still don't get what Body Like A Back Road even means.
  19. R92


    C'mon, Sam, give us your

  20. Got a girl from the south side


    Isn't Sam Hunt the gay country star breaking boundaries? Hmm. Or was that someone else?

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