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Sam Smith - 3rd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mikal, Jun 18, 2019.

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    Sam Smith and Demi Lovato though. I.....have doubts.
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  3. Ah! Apologies. Thank you for correcting. Fixed. I honestly don’t follow them enough to know, but that’s no excuse.
  4. Will this be charting anywhere yet?
  5. Well, it is #20 in the Netherlands Top 40 and the new alarm track, meaning it gets lots of airplay...
    They have or created a radio edit, they took out the intro.
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  6. Lebanese radio station are playing a version without the spoken word movie sample and a shorter outro. I’m not sure if it’s official or an in-house thing.
  7. Their performance on Graham Norton. Really good.

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  8. Their
  9. Just when Sam Smith was getting interesting, they go and pair up with the atrocity that is Demi Lovato.

    She's going to try to upsing them all the time.
  10. Everything Demi's done with this comeback has been varying levels of foghorn, so let me hope and pray this is somehow a bop.
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  11. Sorry, will edit my post now.
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  12. I have faith it be fine, Demi's collaborations have usually been quite good.
  13. That was a nice performance, their live vocals are always excellent! I wish they'd done the higher ad-libs in the end to help the song get momentum, though.

  14. as long as the Demi duet is like this, then I'm chill. I love this collabo.
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  15. It can't be worse than the screamfest duet of Fall In Line. I have a lil bit of faith?
  16. Fall in Love was GREAT too tbh...
  17. NEVER
    errrr..... no it wasn’t but that one wasn’t really Demi’s fault.

    Also, NEVER read the YouTube comments on a Sam Smith video. The amount of intentional misgendering and disgusting transphobia ... yuck.
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  18. [​IMG]

    Satan come get ya friend

    also @BEST FICTION
  19. For a while last year I was really obsessed with How Do You Sleep? and I thought it was a better song than Dancing With a Stranger. But I think I've changed my mind. Dancing With a Stranger is a perfect pop song. Short, sweet, sexy and still totally thrilling a year later. Talent! I fucking love How Do You Sleep? as well, so it's fine margins but....
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  20. As much as I love To Die For, I cannot help but to feel I wanted a massive banger as the lead single for this album.
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