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Sam Smith - 4th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BrokenHearts, Jan 3, 2022.

  1. I appreciate a nod towards some life in the production when they could’ve just fully let this be a more piano-driven ballad like the “Stay With Me”/“”Too Good at Goodbyes” retread that it is. But ultimately? Ugh, what a total BORE.

    They’re capable of so much more than this bland self-empowerment ‘anthem’ that will surely secure some commercial sync coin and be a cooldown staple at boutique fitness studios for years to come.
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  2. Island

    Island Staff Member

    The chorus intro in the beginning of the song is a little too similar to Charlie Puth's chorus in See You Again.
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  3. It’s a nice enough song but it’s giving me “track 8 on the album” vibes as opposed to lead single.
  4. Oh this is so, so disappointing. Incredibly banal.
  5. I enjoy the vibe of the video and yes, it's not a piano ballad but the production still sounds flat. I would've liked to hear that "just a little bit" section sped/beefed up without the usual choir backing. It sounds so... album two.
  6. I don’t hate this…
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  7. It's.....fine, but left 0 impression on me. It sounds like an album track (from an earlier album at that).

    I kinda hate that To Die For, which I thought was gorgeous, was scrapped because of the insensitivity of the title/time it was released dd.
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  8. I’m convinced the label just used that as an excuse. They could easily have changed the title if it was an issue.
  9. Yawn.
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  10. I actually like this a lot!
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  11. Bad bad idea releasing this as lead single.
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  12. Well, that’s a song that certainly exists and can be listened to.
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  13. The song is honestly too boring for me to even bother forming an opinion on, and the video is giving 'former pop diva in her 50s chaperones the young 'uns in the club'.

    Sam could have really reinvigorated their career with the scrapped version of the last album, it's a shame they chose the path of least resistance.
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  14. They can keep it
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  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The decay I didn't even know they had a new song out.
  16. How Do You Sleep, Dancing With A Stranger & Diamonds were their best ever output and is the direction we deserved from Sam.

    This is the peak of beige
  17. I feel a bit sorry for Sam, the direction of How Do You Sleep, Diamonds etc is obviously where they want to go but their last album was a complete flop in comparison to their first 2. They’ll not only have the record company breathing down their neck but also the thought of their career nose diving. Although the GP seem to love beige Sam I have a feeling this era is not going to go well for Sam…
  18. I mean what hurt the last album was not releasing it off the back of Dancing with a Stranger and How Do You Sleep. The album’s campaign would’ve looked a lot different post-album drop if it had come out in 2019 as originally planned.
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  19. kal


    They've already shown they can do a lot better than this with the previous album. This is a bit of a dud.
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