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Sam Smith - Gloria (Jan 27)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BrokenHearts, Jan 3, 2022.

  1. I'm by no means a fan of the song but that magazine interview they did made me a little more interested in hearing more because I feel like this is who they've always been but stripped down out of personal and probably label fear. The story about getting assaulted because they were wearing make-up? I'm sure most people would withdraw.
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  2. I passed by two girls today and they were singing 'at the body shop'. Impact?
  3. I said this in the Kim thread and I unfortunately reaped what was imaginarily sowed.
  4. It’s her Right Round, I’m afraid.
  5. Her Tik Tok is coming on TikTok
  6. As unimpressed as I am by the song it is darkly funny how it's the most potent example yet of "the forum hates this so it's going to be a hit"
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  7. What is funny is Sam wanted to do queer pop, label said yes, then they said no, go back to ballads for mums, that flopped and now a smash has happened with a queer bop.
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  8. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    In fairness that’s really not the point of his role in the video.
  9. I feel like I'm having deja vu reading their GQ article. It's much the same of stuff we've heard before about leaning into their younger self, the duality of their public image etc. We saw all of this in 2019 before Beige Goes happened. Love Me More is even retconned as the introduction to this era, a slow burn hit and celebration of queer pride which is not how I remember it but sure.

    Anyway, I do have a certain level of empathy since Sam is signed to a major label and that label has always been hungry for more of that 2014-2017 success – even if it's not on their terms. In that regard, even if the song is divisive (and actually extremely irritating after you've heard it enough times), I do feel quite "good for them!" about the whole thing.
  10. I think there is a disconnect between what the song is trying to be and what it is and people not knowing *how* to articulate that end up making it about Sam and some abstract concept of "confidence" that has nothing to actually do with it.

    The main disconnect is with the song. You have a song by two queer artists and it largely describes a straight man cheating on his wife with another woman. Seeing Kim fans try to suggest the woman in the song being described is Kim to rationalize what the song is even about is... ddd? And made worse after one user pointed out that Kim's lyrics always end up some gibberish with brand names sprinkled in and then the verse is basically 'Give me Gucci for this coochie, Balenciaga on my tata's!".

    It's just jarring to see a package that feels queer in a way that's on-the-nose still have such an overtly heteronormative message to where cishet and queer people can walk away from the song with two completely different ideas.

    The video with flourishes of queerness try to bring the song more in-line, but 1) any video views will be dwarfed by the song's streams and 2) the video's editing does it best to obscure that this isn't just a man going to some kind of traditional burlesque show, while the two queer artists are sidelined to 3rd-party narrators.

    There's nothing in either song or video that makes it clear it's about some kind of gay, trans, or queer perspective - and it's fine if queer artists *don't* want to center their own experiences - but it feels like the package wants to signal to queer audiences that this is some transgressive, iconic queer anthem while still existing in a way that let's cishet audiences think it's a just fun bop about infidelity (so edgy*).

    The difference between Unholy and something like this in how it tackles the same idea:
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  11. The song is Harry Styles.
  12. I love it there.
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    Dddd this is exactly what I thought of as well. I can’t unhear it.
  14. Getting a Body Shop basket for birthdays or Christmas was iconic. All 90s cig tweens can relate. Lush whomst?

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  15. They're an MLM/pyramid scheme now but their products used to slap.
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  16. Those bath pearls. Pure 90s.
  17. Me using BS coconut oil on my hair! The smell! The memories. Anything female reeking of Body Shop White Musk. Ah the early 90s.
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  18. You just unlocked a memory for me! The fascinating texture of 90s bath pearls from The Body Shop. Balance dad mysterious.
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  19. The video is not great, although I always appreciate Cabaret references. I honestly think I would like the song if it were just Sam. Kims verse could literally be dropped into any one of her songs. It's the same dumb shit every. time.
  20. Just subjected myself to the video… the horrific choreo and Gottmid jumpscare is unholy indeed
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