Sam Smith - Gloria

It seems the new album is coming this year. They've been working with Stargate and (rumour) Mark Ronson. The album will be more guitar centre.

There were a few genuine moments of brilliance on the last album: Diamonds, Dancing With a Stranger and How Do You Sleep and it perfectly showcased a side of Sam we hadn’t seen before.

How Do You Sleep still sounds incredible and it’s still such a joy.

But the final album as a whole? Meh, very hit or miss and I get the impression that with the delays etc the album’s identity change significantly at the last moment. It really felt as though the label panicked at the last moment that it didn’t sound like a typical Sam Smith album and packed it full of dull ballards.

That said, I’m excited to hear what they’ve been cooking up!
You’d think that record labels would recognise that the GP are more likely to stick with an artist if they are allowed to create their own sound and styles not being forced to recreate your last success it rarely works, short sighted business men.


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It still amazes me how disastrous the last album campaign was. Dancing With a Stranger being almost two years old by the time the album was released was an absolute mess. Not to mention the singles being great and there being like... two salvageable album tracks at most. Tragic.
Remember when Dancing With a Stranger and How Do You Sleep? were relegated to bonus tracks? Ugh, Love Goes had 11/12 good tracks (including To Die For), but everything went to shit after the delay and album title change. I really hope he has recorded some uptempo songs for this album, I really enjoyed his pop star persona.
No wonder this is out very fast now that 30 is dead in the water for a while now. Seems like... It's giving... What is expected.