Sam Smith - Gloria

All those people involved and not a melody in sight, the Taio Cruz of it all.
Nn I stan this crunchy 2010s bop!

I'm not easy to pleeease
I might tear you apaaaart
Told you from the start
Baby, from the start
I'm only gonna break, break your, break, break your heart


This song for me is in the same "so bad it's good" territory of say "I'm Good" as in that both songs are really trashy but I like to listen to them as such nonetheless. And even then "I'm Good" is much better at doing its intended job than this so...
The chorus is ludicrously catchy but otherwise the song feels hollow and they chickened out by forgoing a middle-8. I was expecting a showdown of Gregorian chants and messy, in-character soundbites. I fear they're looking for a third struggle bus popstar to hop on a remix.

Baby Voice remix Feat Jesy Nelson
with beatbox breakdown
I wonder what Sam would consider unholy teebs. A handjob? A slightly wet kiss? How kinky can the vanilla king be I ask myself.