Sam Smith - Gloria

There’s a lot to unpack obviously but it’s low key hilarious that the song is built solely around the - for my FYP quite tired already - hook (which shows off all its cards in literally ten seconds in the intro anyways) and then after the first chorus just flatlines. A misfire.
Am I supposed to find Sam Smith sexy? Because I personally don't, even though this song is trying to sell that to me. I watched that performance video and I was like "What am I supposed to be enjoying here?". Sorry for being harsh. I'm sure they're lovely. The song just isn't it. And it serves to rise Kim Petras up in the charts and that's a sin on it's own.
I do find Sam Smith sexy, I mean they looked effortlessy sexy in How Do You Sleep?, Dancing with a Stranger, Diamonds.

Just think those songs are better than what this is, but maybe I am in the minority since it's doing well.
Am I supposed to find Sam Smith sexy? Because I personally don't
I kind of hate the tone of this. You don't have to find Sam sexy - why would you? - but does that mean they're not allowed to feel their oats? I'm seeing a lot of this "so gross to see Sam trying to be sexy!". Let them live, especially given their obvious weight and self-image struggles leading to this point. Entertainers are not there to service you personally all the time.
Legitimately one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard.