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Sam Smith - Gloria

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BrokenHearts, Jan 3, 2022.

  1. This is kind of funny now.
  2. Why is it funny? It still sucks dd
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  3. Sis, you don't have to stan something the moment it becomes a commercial success.
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  4. If this goes #1 would it be the first Hot 100 #1 by a trans/nb artist?
  5. Word, the general public's lack of taste is pretty much an axiom at this point.

    That opinion did not take long to be proven wrong though. Good for them, I guess.
  6. Actually I can but I'm not stanning this one. I think it's a bad song in terms of quality but it's a hit and I can understand why it's doing good.
  7. Asking for a friend: I’m quite shocked at the negativity this is receiving on here. Surely worst songs have been released. What is everyone’s problem with the song? Like really? I feel there is a genuine hate towards both artist that I don’t seem to grasp. I’m not a fan of either Sam or Kim but I’m bobbing to this song!!
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  8. I’m a fan of Sam as a person and their music and I’m a fan of Kim’s music even if she is a bit questionable. I just don’t like the song.
  9. Genuinely can't think of any recent ones.
  10. Unholy indeed, this whole affair is cringe and seriously perplexing.
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  11. I’m glad you’re bobbing but for me, it’s a soulless, uncreative offering from two artists who have done better. It sounds like they had a voice memo of two melodic lines that was pleasant but not strong enough to be the chorus of a song. It’s hollow with no emotional peaks and zero lyrical appeal.
  12. Jesy Nelson ft. Nicki Minaj - Boyz...
  13. Ah, yes! But even that was a year ago
  14. This is awful and it makes perfect sense that all the straights are streaming it
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  15. The fact that this song is the one to turn both of their careers around. Like they will be performing this at all the award shows kind of turnaround. Amazing.
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  16. Like...this horrible song...from this Dr. Luke gonna potentially debut at #1. With the last debut at #1 being Super Freaky Girl.

    Makes sense.
  17. Speaking of

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  18. mommy don't know daddy's getting hot
    at the body shop
    doing something unholy


    I can’t get over how lame this chorus is sksksk. About as sexy as parents trying to explain what divorce is to a child.
  19. This you?

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  20. I always have trouble separating the artist from the song and in this case it’s an artist I really don’t like and a song I don’t like so I don’t know why I’m surprised
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