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Sam Smith - Gloria

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BrokenHearts, Jan 3, 2022.

  1. This is such a racket.
  2. The song is only doing well because it's the tiktok background music of the moment. But no one really cares for the song outside of that or the fact that it's Sam. And they definitely don't care that Kim's on it because she's not even in the clip on tiktok. I don't think Sam has the social media prowess to fully transfer a viral tiktok clip to album hype though like someone like Doja and Lil Nas do.
  3. I don't like either one of them much but I like Kim's verse sorry.
  4. I genuinely don't know the appropriate situation to play this song. You wouldn't play it while you shower, you wouldn't play it in the car, you wouldn't play it during dinner, and you sure as fuck can't dance to it. So when do you put this dirge on?

    It's fucking garbage. How is this turning out to be successful? Like who is checking for two of the most insipid people in the industry and then blowing up the numbers with something so boring yet irritating?
  5. Yes, I think it's a bop but it's bad in quality, it feels like it will age quickly, the production is kind of dated too.
  6. The pre-chorus to chorus makes for an easy tiktok transition. That's literally all it is.
  7. This song is truly horrendous, no surprise it's smashing.
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  8. It’s awful, Sam has really fell off since their brilliant rin in the How Do You Sleep? era.
  9. Really? Just checked, wow time has gone fast!
  10. This will be a hit but a career killer.

    No way will it prop up an album.

    I’ll be happy to be wrong if the album ended up being decent but… it looks unlikely.
  11. At this point I can't work out which of these two acts this songs prosperity is meant to revitalise.
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  12. Stay With Me? First Class? Anything by Ed Sheeran? There’d Better Be A Mirrorball?

    This forum is doing the absolute most over Unholy, and I just can’t get my head around why.
  13. Those songs are mediocre, not aggressively bad like this is. It’s Billie Eilish done badly.
  14. is miles better than this and a genuinely good song, it needs to be stated.
  15. kal


    I think we’re doing the most because this song is utter shit compared to the actually good music on the previous album. Sam had actually started making interesting music, but I guess their label couldn’t sit by and let that happen.
  16. Holding on with a comfortable lead on Spotify Global although it did lose a bit over 1M streams in the 2nd day.

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  17. I’m still loling at the Wikipedia page listening Hyperpop as the genre.
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  18. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Sam, leak the original To Die For album.
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  19. Those still sound like songs, though.
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