Sam Smith - Gloria

The more I think about it, the more I realize the optics are a PR dream. A non-binary and a trans artist with an actual hit? It’s a win for media outlets and Instagram activists. It doesn’t even matter any more if the song is good or not.
Didn't they just record/add a few new songs and change the tracklist? I can't imagine anything brilliant was bumped off.

I mean, we’ll never know (hence the user saying to leak the original), but it was definitely significantly watered down just off what Sam had been saying about the material and how they were presenting themselves, not to mention the album art/title. The project was clearly going for something more explicitly queer visually and sonically before everything changed and became more… MOR. Although I don’t miss “I’m Ready” at all.

But like I said before, it’s kind of funny now with “Unholy” being the direct opposite of all that.
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Yeah, I don’t think it would have been worlds away. And the original songs are still tacked on as bonus tracks. But that’s kind of what makes the whole ordeal kind of annoying dd.
Sam had actually started making interesting music, but I guess their label couldn’t sit by and let that happen.

I'm very doubtful they dislike or disagreed with this song though, all the opposite nn. I feel like they do want to be in the spotlight and bounce back from their recent ~flops and if Unholy had to happen for that then so be it.
Why wasn’t there a streaming service intern gay when this one time, we need one? He could have sabotaged this, as he listened to the song instead of just giving it a “organic” boost on the platforms for the credits & TikTok performance… While killing it, he said out loud: NO! NO!
I genuinely don't know the appropriate situation to play this song. You wouldn't play it while you shower, you wouldn't play it in the car, you wouldn't play it during dinner, and you sure as fuck can't dance to it. So when do you put this dirge on?
You play it at the Body Shop
Forget the never-ending pandemic and cost of living crisis, forget the fact we’re teetotaling on the brink of catastrophic climate collapse, forget the potential nuclear war that will be brazenly ushered in by an unhinged Russian dictator, it’s this song spending three days at number one globally that should finally convince the powers that be to move the doomsday clock another second closer to midnight.
I still can’t wrap my head around that the fact this was a perfect opportunity to discriminate against any of the artists, as the song is total shit. And no-one sadly did?