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Sam Smith - Gloria

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BrokenHearts, Jan 3, 2022.

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    Flops Bebe and now Kim potentially having back to back UK #1's?? C'mon Dev now is your time!!1
  2. It's kind of harmless. It's not nearly as bad as it's made out to be in these parts, but I don't get why it's popping off. Lyrically, it's a mystery to me on who this song is for.
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  3. Just pretend it doesn't exist, like me. It makes life much more bearable
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  4. This absolutely smashing has me feel old in ways that I never have. I simply don’t get it.
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  5. I despise Kim but I can at least admit she has some excellent songs in her discography that were worthy of chart success. This really is a travesty. I really don't think this will translate into solo success for Kim, though.
  6. Very close to a #1 debut at first projections… I wonder if they’ll try to pull off any additional sales to make it happen.
    The thing is—I don’t even know there’s fan base coin to exploit with physicals or other downloads (remixes/instrumental/acapella) if they did. But if it’s truly that close, it might make the difference.
    PLEASE don’t conflate this with me rooting for this song’s success—it’s just fascinating to me!!!
  7. tea


    If this blocks Steve Lacy's shot at #1 while Harry was loitering there for weeks ...

  8. Why is Unstoppable by Sia charting in the year of 2022?!

    (I know the answer is likely TikTok but still…)
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  9. A commercial and TikTok yeah. And it was subsequently sent to radio too.
  10. First a Sia resurgence now this yeah tik tok needs to be banned
  11. pdf


    wow Sam & Kim really do provoke strong (like really strong) reactions in people.
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  12. kal


    This is a shit take, because the reactions have been overwhelmingly about the song, and not Sam/Kim.
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  14. I like the sound of that. If this disaster being a hit means we get an album that isn’t boring, maybe it’s worth it.
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  15. Unholy music video out this Friday:

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  16. Floria Sigismondi? At least the visuals will be a serve.
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  17. Imagine getting Flora to direct and the budget that was clearly spent on the video and it’s for this basic of a song. A pop tragedy.
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