Sam Smith - Gloria

The decision to recede into the realms of dull, beige music you might hear at 4pm strolling through the aisles of Asda would *maybe* make a semblance of sense, if the previous album had been a massive success after the last-minute decision to pivot and turn it into a ‘typical’ Sam Smith affair.

But, wasn’t it in fact kind of a flop, compared to their previous releases? Like, two years too late and a rather tedious affair to sit through, it’s not surprising it didn’t set the world alight.

Sigh, what could have been…
How is it doing on Spotify? It's only #5 on Sam's page. But maybe it's making gains?

I haven't listened since release week dd.
The song got massive Spotify from the get going but did nothing, they really should move on to the next single and pretend this snoozefest of a song never happened.