Sam Smith - Gloria

Well if these are the results on this new dance-pop direction... please keep it.

Mourning what could have been an amazing genre switch a couple years ago, and instead we're getting flaccid PC Music-lite cosplay

You know it’s shit when a tweet comes from KIM PETRAS UPDATES… lemme not!
Dancing With A Stranger and How Do You Sleep were both so excellent and such a good direction. And they were hits! How did such an easy pivot end up such a directionless mess? This doesn't sound like it will redeem anything.

Agreed. The new song sounds a bit amateur compared to those songs. That clip of them dancing to it was just cringy.

They do look cute as a blonde.
The awful, cringeworthy dancing video where they looks like a drunk having a dance in their local after a few too many pints, the blonde hair, I mean - Kim Petras.

The whole thing is just a NO from me.