Sam Smith - Gloria

Lose You & No God are the only ones I keep going back to.

These two are the only ones I revisit:

Unholy (Disclosure Remix)
Lose You

These two below are ok now and again:

Not Here to Make Friends

The rest not so much. Love Goes album keeps winning.
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Why don't the looks match up to the album? The album is mostly basic and boring apart from a couple of serviceable songs... it's confusing

I think this is one of my main issues with Sam. It's like unapologetically queer in a lot of the wardrobe... But then the music is sooo... safe, comparatively. If you're going to be so expressively queer, give us that in the music because that's what we want. But like, okay, Unholy is about a straight man cheating on his wife with a woman. And when I first heard the song I was like "Why is a queer enby person and a trans woman singing about whatever the hell these straight people are up to? Why are we wasting our time telling this story?"
And the album isn't much better in it's theme or sounds. Like if you're not going to play it safe in your looks or try to make the straights comfortable anymore... i'd love to see a full commitment for the music to be the same way. Is that greedy of me? To want Sam to tailor their music style a bit less towards the straight audience?
So not entirely by my choice I heard the orchestral version of Unholy and....I sort of live? Sam's voice suits that sort of dramatic production and it fits the theme of the song. Sadly Kim is still there though but her voice is so thin that it is somewhat drowned out.
I hope for them it's coming from a place of wanting to experiment and have fun and find their zone, but I can't help feeling like it's forced, like it's purely being done for the shock value of it all.
I'm sure this is the "real" them and they're just trying to find a balance between wanting to be a total freak and having that reflect in their visuals and music and not wanting to terrify the masses. Which... who gives a fuck when they're horrified at the most mundane things anyway? You might as well really piss them off and make them uncomfortable. I promise there will be a new audience that doesn't care if you're into water sports and fisting.