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Sam Smith - Love Goes (3rd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mikal, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. This is more like it Sam. Finally, it feels like a worthy follow up to How Do You Sleep? in terms of commercial potential. Diamonds is fantastic.
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  3. The new title and cover are better anyway.
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  4. Thanks, editing...
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  5. Ooh, this is nice! I like the last minute especially. It's not the most groundbreaking song, but the melody really stays in your head.
  6. aux


    This is really solid. It's not exactly re-inventing the wheel, but it doesn't have to. I'm cautiously perched for the album. Speaking of, I'm really liking this new album cover. It has much better aesthetics than the horrific first cover art.

  7. I looked the album up after seeing it mentioned in the Disco thread and I just saw that Sam relegated all of the 2018–2019 singles to bonus tracks, despite them being some of the best tracks of their career. What an odd choice.
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  8. This is FAB. I've loved everything!
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  9. They originally called the album To Die For and was ready for pre order earlier in the year. Then for some odd reason they abandoned that album to do this relegating the released singles as bonus tracks.

    No idea why, but the label might have got cold feet and wanted them to tone the campness down?
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  10. The album might be even better now...?
  11. To Die For didn't do as well as expected and I'm Ready bombed, they probably felt they had no more hits left, hence pausing and retooling.

    I don't think My Oasis was ever part of that album so presumably Sam's been in the studio this summer.
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  12. That would be a serious case of the label misreading the room, when you compare how the To Die For singles did to how the Love Goes singles are doing.
    Maybe. None of the tracks from the new iteration of the album have really clicked with me the way that the 2018–2019 single did though.
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  13. Diamonds is fantastic. The sort of middle ground between mumsnet bops and queer bops I can get behind.
  14. Them*
  15. To Die For peaked at #18 and got a Silver certification
    I'm Ready peaked at #20

    My Oasis peaked at #43...
  16. This is really good, omg.
  17. I didn't say My Oasis was a hit did I? I said those songs didn't perform as the label expected. They certainly weren't gonna launch an album off a silver-certified #20 that only just hit 100m streams.
  18. The label was launching an album off the back of 2 Top 10 Platinum singles (Dancing with a Stranger and How Do You Sleep) and including a relatively 'fresh' #1 single with Promises.

    What I meant to say was I don't think it was the 'underperformance' of To Die For (which did alright) and I'm Ready that put the breaks on releasing the album...
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  19. Love this. They look great in the video. Love how Sam has embraced themself, their queerness and the body positive outfits. Great song too.

    Loving all these bops... and slow Jams. On repeat!
  20. The video is mesmerising. It's just great to see Sam being so FREE in themself.
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