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Sam Smith - Love Goes (3rd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mikal, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. The disparity between the bonus tracks and the standard edition...

    So disappointing.
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  2. Okay, I used the old 'To Die For' tracklist and added in Diamonds, My Oasis & Kids Again. This is already a muuuuuch better listening experience.
  3. So are there any bops or should I not even bother?
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  4. For the lover that I lost is rather lovely. Why did Sam change the cover to this boring ass lying in the grass pic? They really got worried they’d scared off the Tesco mums eh?
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  5. Ok Kids Again is one of their best songs ever. It reminds me of a song I can’t remember at the moment.
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  6. It’s been all over the place since How Do You Sleep and that is reflected in this album. There is such a divided nature between the ballads and the uptempos, and I honestly think the album would benefit with no ballads at all, or maybe one towards the end; because it’s literally the ballads that ruin it. They are a safety net...but they’re not working anymore.

    The singles remain great aside from the Demi one...I actually think the album cover is cute too.

    The positive is that this could be a stepping stone album into the more upbeat sound they’ve began to explore.
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  7. "Diamonds" aside, this was a slog. When "Dancing With A Stranger" finally came on it felt like coming up for air.
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  8. The standard album just isn't good. And then the bonus tracks come around to serve as a reminder of what could've been. With that said, I've said this before but I'm not sure if the album was ever really there, even when it was announced as To Die For. The 11-track, solid album of sparkly bops in the vein of Sleep didn't exist.
  9. I love ‘Another One’ ‘I’m Ready’ still remains awful
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  10. So far 'Another One' is my favorite. So many feels! I find it has the perfect balance between the old and new-er Sam.
  11. Totally agree that the original direction was far more exciting but I’m still enjoying a handful of the new tracks, especially Another One, Dance and Kids Again.
  12. This is no good. for a while there it seemed like they got a really good thing going and now....this.
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  13. I hate Kids Again. It's just... aggressively straight somehow. Feels so focus grouped.
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  14. tea


    All this stalling to release a mediocre album the same week as Ariana Grande... they deserve so much better.
  15. Oh yes, "Dance till you love someone else", "So Serious" & "Another one" are great bops.
    "Kids Again" is a beautiful midtempo with a magical nostalgic melody (Glad to see this being pushed as the next single)
    "Forgive myself" is a ballad, but a really beautiful one.
  16. They came out as non-binary over a year ago.
  17. I want the imaginary aborted album.

    EDIT I guess So Serious is a bop?!
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  18. Young is a cute intro. Another One is incredible. Slinky sophisti-banger. So Serious knocks a bit too.

    Dance is boppy as fuck. Guy Lawrence did a great job on his two tracks, very sparkly.

    For The Lover That I Lost is really beaut. I can't remember Céline's version honestly and it's a bit old school but Sam has a really easy command of songs like this.

    Breaking Hearts and Forgive Myself are both really lovely but this back section is too many ballads back to back.

    I appreciate what's going on near the end of Love Goes with the big switch up but it might feel more earned if the song itself was stronger. It just feels like Labyrinth showing off as it is.

    I do kind of appreciate the very late 90s vibe of Kids Again on second listen. It's a strong album, just quite front loaded. I can't work out why My Oasis was a single when they had Another One.
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  19. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    At least Diamonds goes off and Dancing With A Stranger now has an album...........Sam's voice irks me so much on ballads though, so it's a pass from me.
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