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Sam Smith - To Die For (3rd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mikal, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. The pink lemonade line is off putting towards the end.
  2. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I think this is really quite nice? I'm surprised by the reaction on here. I'm not gonna pretend like I even listened to the second album or remember the first album, but this doesn't sound like Stay With Me/Too Good at Goodbyes/the terrible Bond song, so it's a win in my book. It shares the same production elements as Dancing With a Stranger and How Do You Sleep, and is nowhere near as dreary as the ballads I mentioned.

    I also appreciate that there's a full final chorus, because it sounds like it's gonna end at the 2:40 mark but doesn't. It's what I wish Dancing With a Stranger had. And I love the way the melody just floats and breathes. I honestly think it's really nice.
  3. I thought this was meh until I realised it's probably about the struggles of dating for trans and nonbinary people and now I'm crying my eyes out.
  4. Yeah, the video got this across very nicely, I thought.
  5. I’ve listened to it a lot today and decided it’s actually great.
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  6. This is really beautiful. Let me pre-order the record and support nb talent!
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  7. I've come to love this in the meantime dd. Make me yearn for that love, Sam.
  8. I was so disappointed with this one first play, but now I love it. Both track and video are gorgeous.
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  9. I must be feeling emotional because ive just cried at the last episode of Cheer and find this to be really lovely.
  10. I take it that Sam hasn't had a conversation with Grant about pronouns yet.
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  11. Or Sam doesn’t mind it coming from close friends, we don’t know their dynamic.
  12. Love the video. Love the song. looking forward to the album. Suprised to see 'Fire on Fire' included. Don't hate it but wasn't expecting it included considering the switch up in vibe.
  13. I absolutely should have added that, considering Sam replied too. I do hope that's the case, though!
  14. The performance on Graham Norton just now was lovely. I can’t help but get good vibes from this whole era. I want the album now.
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  15. Gorgeous wee song.
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  16. Love knowing that little detail of Jake Gyllenhaal re-recording the Donnie Darko sample for the song.
  17. It’s reminds me of what it feels like for a girl! It sounds very vulnerable but also not as morbid and OTT as his other ballads.
    Love the video. Kind of eerie
  18. I strangely loved the video and wasn’t expecting too, judging by the description.

    I think this is their first album that I’ll really take notice of - I’ve only liked the odd song before.

    They’ve managed to reel me in this era!
  19. Promises, Dancing With a Stranger and How Do You Sleep where a trio of bangers, this as a little cute comedown song I don’t mind at all. I’d love the album to be like 70% bops, 30% ballads and if they do that I have a feeling the album will be sick. Will be their first album I’ll have ever listened to. Also, are they including Promises on the track list?
    But yeah like, go Sam, hats off for being authentic!
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