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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. Re: Sam Smith – Money On My Mind

    An otherwise perfectly good song is let down by the 'money on my mind' bit, which sounds shrill and totally jars with the verses. Still looking forward to the album.
  2. Re: Sam Smith – Money On My Mind

    01. Money On My Mind
    02. Good Thing
    03. Stay With Me
    04. Leave Your Lover
    05. I’m Not The Only One
    06. I’ve Told You Now
    07. Like I Can
    08. Life Support
    09. Not In That Way
    10. Lay Me Down

    Pretty nice that the majority is new songs even though it's pretty short (we've only heard the demo of Not In That Way, plus the 2 singles). Kinda weird that he kept Lay Me Down on there.

    Anyone find it odd that he's released the cover (which isn't that bad, but it isn't very good either) and tracklist so early? The album is not due for 4 months.
  3. Re: Sam Smith – Money On My Mind

    I am HEARTBROKEN that he hasn't put the song 'In The Lonely Hour' on there. It's by far his most beautiful ballad (so much better than 'Not in That Way'), and he's skipped it. It's not even an iTunes bonus track. Total error, as far as I'm concerned.
  4. Re: Sam Smith – Money On My Mind

    Deluxe Edition is available for pre-order on his site.

    Revised tracklist:

    Money On My Mind
    Good Thing
    Stay With Me
    Leave Your Lover
    I’m Not The Only One
    I've Told You Now
    Like I Can
    Life Support
    Not in That Way

    Lay Me Down
    Latch (acoustic)
    La La La
    Make It To Me

    Still pretending Nirvana doesn't exist, I see.
  5. Re: Sam Smith – Money On My Mind

    Exactly! Why the snub with Nirvana?

    Anyway, even though the tracklist on the regular version is short, I know I'm gonna love this album.
  6. Re: Sam Smith – Money On My Mind

    Is "Stay With Me" meant to be "Safe With Me"? Because excluding that would be even odder than excluding "Nirvana."
  7. Re: Sam Smith – Money On My Mind

    Must be Safe With Me.
  8. I thought he said when he released Nirvana that it was 'experimental' stuff that wasn't going to be on the album? I never expected to see either Nirvana or Safe With Me on the tracklist.
  9. Re: Sam Smith – Money On My Mind

    Still finding it bizarre that In The Lonely Hour is not actually on this album...

  10. Re: Sam Smith – Money On My Mind

    No, its a different song.
  11. BRAD O'MANCE has news

    Sam Smith has won the BBC Sound of 2014 poll.

    Popjustice can (almost certainly, barring a Q1 miracle for FKA Twigs) break this exclusive news following the announcement today that Ella Eyre is this year’s BBC Sound Poll runner-up, ahead of Banks in third, Sampha in fourth and Popjustice favourite George Ezra in fifth place.

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  12. It's true he has won it. Meh.
  13. [video=youtube;K0G9T5Bnjlc][/video]
  14. I'm seriously in love with this man and his music.
  15. A very well-done and suitable video, honestly. Maybe that chorus is even growing on me. The verses are beautiful enough to get me through.
  16. I don't even care Money On My Mind is only an OK song. I KNOW I'm gonna love this album.
  17. I love his voice, and the song is undeniably catchy but... damn that SCREECHY chorus. I wish he would avoid that tone.

    Just heard the live performance from the Brits, and (okay he might be a bit nervous, but..) the chorus sounds bloody awful when sung live.
  18. How tall is he? He looks like a giant.
  19. 'Make It To Me' is absolutely gorgeous, as expected. Gospel-twinged power ballad. Gorgeous.
  20. A&E


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