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Sam Smith.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. Amazing.
  2. Emotional. First male act I like in years.
  3. I like Make It To Me. I'm guessing this album is going to be a giant pool of schmaltzy ballads.

    Why is the album release so far away?
  4. I think this song is infuriatingly poor and it's gonna be the weakest #1 since "Little Things" at least. So derivative, so slapdash, so obvious; it sounds like a freakishly good impression of a parody of a BRIT School artist's breakthrough single. At least "Price Tag" was semi-amazing, this is just nonsense. Which makes me sad because I think (thought?) he could have potential.
  5. So Money On My Mind has officially been released... Finally.

    They are really squeezing as much time between premiere and release as possible. The album is up for pre-order and all done, and it's not out til end of May. Yeesh.

    I hope there is another single between then and now. Money is so shit.
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  6. Plus, I can't take this song seriously when he goes and posts about how amazing Fiji Water is on Twitter.

    I don't have money on my mind, only luxury brand water and clothes?
  7. When did he leave Hurts and turn ginger?
  8. Why is this cack at Number One. The chorus makes me wince.

    Nirvana should have been The Single.
  9. Money On My Mind is rightfully at number 1 because Together is on the EP. That's it. I truly love Sam and his songs, but Money really is underwhelming.
  10. This is absolutely epic.

  11. RJF


    I can already see that his range is going to end up being used as the main drawing point rather than an additional perk to far meatier attributes like good songs. "Money On My Mind", like someone said earlier in the thread, is basically just fucking "Price Tag" with the same hypocrisies attached. "I'm only in it for the music; that's why I signed a deal with a major record label." FUCK OFF.
  12. The UK public in 'Awful #1 shocker', once again.
  13. It may seem unfair, but I dislike the idea of Sam as a solo artist altogether. If he stuck to brilliant, 10/10 collaborations with Disclosure and Naughty Boy and the like, I would be interested; the way things are looking, though, the Jessie J comparisons may go deeper than comparing 'Money On My Mind' to 'Price Tag'.
  14. It's like someone wrote a song based on those goat parody videos.
  15. I see him more as an Emeli Sande type than Jessie J
  16. You're all nuts this is brilliant. Hook central. Stop looking for things to whine about.
  17. The hook certainly is central to my dislike of the song.
  18. Vas, I think this is the first time I've ever strongly disagreed with you! I adore "Nirvana"/this guy's features and maintain some expectation for his career but "Money On My Mind" is the exact opposite of what I want from him/anyone. It's lowest-common-denominator BRIT-school authenticity-pandering (which is always everywhere at this time of year and which as I hope we all realise is the worst thing to happen to pop in the last five years).

    It isn't, like, completely unjustifiable melodically but it just sounds like the sound of an overweight fourteen-year-old English straight boy retweeting some arrogant Ed Sheeran tweet applauding The Voice (or something).
  19. I have only heard Latch and this by him! Nothing else. Will wait for the album.
  20. I agree, the hook is disastrous. It's a shame because he has some great songs and chose to lead with the weakest thing he's ever been a part of.
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