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Sam Smith.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. This is giving me Will-Young-Echoes vibes, so of course I like it.
  2. Million seller.
  3. [video=youtube;pB-5XG-DbAA][/video]
  4. That was fast, didn't knowing there was a video coming.
  5. I love Stay With Me. Its going to be HUGE. Money On My Mind was so messy, but this sounds like it could fulfill the early promise he showed. My only complaint is that the choir comes in too early. I wouldn't have them at all on the first chorus.

  6. Plus it ends too quickly.

    I love this single and I just know it's going to be massive. This is the kind of song that's going to sell albums. I couldn't buy into Money on my Mind as for one, it was very underwhelming considering all the potential and hype he had leading up to the Brits, but secondly, who on earth releases their debut single talking about signing deals and not doing it for the money. Sounds more like an album track from a second album. Plus if he wasn't bothered about the money then the track should've been offered for free on iTunes.
  7. rdp


    J-J-J-Jessie Jesus, her impact.
  8. I really like "Stay With Me" (I think). Do find this whole 'Sam Smith' affair to be very very posey in a pretty uncomfortably transparent way though.
  9. Ha, yeah she did cross my mind whilst typing my reply but given all of Jessie's faults (good lord there's too many to mention) at least Price Tag was enjoyable at the time of it's release.
  10. Jimmy Napes is an excellent producer so I think his album could be a pleasant surprise.
  11. Stay With Me is one of the worst songs I've heard in a while. Bloody hell.
  12. Stay With Me is like an Emeli Sande song gone wrong.
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  13. Sam Smith might be subject to more Emperor's-New-Clothes major label trickery than HAIM. What a mess.
  14. I like it. He seems to be doing very well on US iTunes.
  15. Betty Poo

    Betty Poo Guest

    He reminds me of the murderer from M (the 1931 German classic), but with an utterly TRAGIC haircut that makes him look even more like a marshmallow.
  16. Betty Poo

    Betty Poo Guest

    I agree, maybe. By the way is that you in your picture? You are a handsome man, like a more mature Francois Sagat. Very sexy.
  17. I do feel like I have been told how amazing and brilliant and talented and huge he is far much more than I've actually seen any evidence of this. Live, he is very good and he seems like a nice person, but the material is so dreary.

    But it will do very well because everybody seems to be under some weird spell.
  18. I do find it mental that the US have caught on with Sam Smith already, yet we pummelled them with Sando at the Olympics and she still couldn't make Next To Me a hit over there.
  19. It's INSANE that they're not releasing the album until June. They should totally capitalize on it charting here in the states- it would built the buzz. INSANE.
  20. Sam Smith, circa age 16:
    Here's an awkward (short) print interview from when he was 16. His Beyonce stanning goes far back it seems.

    The interviewer is really creepy, too.
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