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Sam Sparro - Boombox Eternal

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Eel_Ssab, Nov 1, 2019.

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  1. Really digging his new single.
  2. Listening to this, I Feel Love and Don't Start Now on repeat.
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  3. Love it! When he brings it, he really brings it. Is there another sudden disco revival? And of course, Sophie would be either too early or too late for it..

    I don’t know why the 3rd album ended up as 3 EPs that went nowhere. I’d like another full length from him.
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  4. There’s one coming in February
  5. As @Jwentz said it’s very Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and I love every second of it.
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  6. Holy 1990, this is exactly the type of vintage Jimmy Jam castoff I'm always needing.
  7. He’s giving boyband in the video

  8. This is really great. I haven't been checking for Sam Sparro for a long time, so thanks for sharing!
  9. This is amazing....
  10. Can we change the thread title to Boombox Eternal (third album) to reflect the new era? @Eel_Ssab
  11. Sounds great! Musically it kinda reminds me a bit of Jermaine Stewart which is no bad thing at all. Looking forward to the album.
  12. Done x
  13. I’ve been revisiting his past stuff and that second album was pretty decent despite him not really capitalizing on anything post Black & Gold and waiting ages to release anything else. I Wish I Never Met You goes off.
  14. Great to have him back!
  15. Love seeing a thread of one of my favorite singers! Everything is well everything. Cmon new jack swing
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  16. Hope you're all living your early 90s mall fantasy with this absolute tune
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  17. Remixes are out next Friday including one from the brilliant Todd Edwards!

  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    OOOF this is great but maybe a bit too on the nose with its references? His voice is super underrated though.
  19. It does sound and look a bit cosplay-ish, okay very cosplay-ish... but I'll continue to listen on repeat.
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  20. Do you guys mean the sound / lyrics or the video / styling?
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