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Sam Sparro - Boombox Eternal

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Eel_Ssab, Nov 1, 2019.

  1. Love Like That is asking for a 30 outfit wardrobe change army of dancers type video
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  2. Can someone recommend me some ‘90s gems in the same vein as this album? I was too young to live through new jack swing x
  3. One of the main inspirations of the album was Janet's Rhythm Nation so you can try that.

  4. Definitely these tracks:

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  5. And these albums

    These songs and albums aren't the main NJS ones but they are the closest to what Sam has on his album.
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  7. 'Love Like That' is like being hugged by someone you love on a warm spring day, PHEW!

    Get into the sensuality gals!
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  8. New interview.

    Sis dragging Timberlake right at the beginning, yes.
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  9. The single mix of Bobby Brown's Every Little Step never fails to replenish my electrolytes.
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  10. So is the boombox website the only place to pick up the CD? I don't see physical listings in any of the usual places (Amazon, etc).
  11. Save a Life

  12. Seems like it, and that P&P to the UK is brutal.... I might hold out for a vinyl release.
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  13. Oh wow this is amazing!
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  14. Just came across this album by accident... I'm surprised it isn't getting more hype? It's so good-- such a clean vision and execution. The production is jaw dropping!
  15. Love like That is STILL a spring music staple. So good.
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  16. It's my favourite on the album since first listen. So good.
  17. Eye 2 Eye is giving me classic Prince. #diamondsandpearls. I'd forgotten how great Sams voice is.
  18. Did we know that legend Nikka Costa sings backup on Eye 2 Eye?
  19. Off topic, but I’m finding him hotter than ever!
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