Sam Sparro - Boombox Eternal

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Great album! It's definitely one of those albums you can listen to from top to bottom without skipping a track. Even the intro is amazing, my favorite since the intro to Amerie's Because I Love It album.
I used to be a really big fan of Sam's. In fact, when he toured his debut album, the show I saw remains among my favourite live going experiences ever. "Return to Paradise" remains excellent, even knowing what headspace he was in at the time. Sometimes great art is being created in moments of great pain.

His one-off singles and EPs in between were all of varying degrees of quality, though I have a soft spot for the "Pink Cloud" EP.

Now I finally found a moment to listen to his new record. It is so good, I am stunned. Exactly the type of very early 90's soulful R&B infused danceable Pop that's been my thing for years now. Even the intros, interludes (the vaporwave beginning sequeing into the real thing on "Your Vibe", chef's kiss). Wow, never expected for him to come back so brilliantly. It's a real "Ray of Light" turnaround. No outer circumstances can keep such talent and passion for music down.

Now, a Coldcut/Pettibone inspired accompanying Remix Album would make this perfect.

I kind of feel like Covid buried this album though, but maybe I am being overly dramatic here. It just did not cross my radar at all.

So, where can I buy the CD?
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But still no vinyl release.

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