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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Knightr634, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. I called it!! PLEASE happen! The fact that she can have the opportunity to be well known here - have Firestarter and What You've Done To Me be played to millions here - I mean just yes!!!
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  2. That City Girls verse on the Bounce remix is absolutely tragic. Who approved that?
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  3. Here's amother great "Bounce" performance from a local chart show in Oz.
    She's also featuring on remix of friend and former X-factor mentor Guy Sebastian's hit "Choir".
    If she is going to get international exposure from X-factor I hope they go full force and give her the boost she needs
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  4. "Choir" has been out since May though. Why is he still pushing it?
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    "The uploader has not made this video available in your country." In 2019, seriously?
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  7. The 7th Heaven Remix is maybe better than the original?

  8. Well, I was partially correct! I noted before the release of Bounce that the first single would be called ‘In The Morning’, turns out that it was pushed back to the second single in favour of Bounce itself.

    The song is now scheduled to be out in January and has a very RnB sound, slightly different to that of her previous dance hits, which is a sign that the album will be a mix of songs.
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  9. With "Bounce" doing so well, surprisingly so, I hope that Sony really get behind her for the next single and album and make her the star she is meant to be.
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    Did it do well? Genuine question.
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  11. Erm I didn't think it did.

    It got to 29 on the Digital Tracks chart. Which I assume is downloads only.

    And 17 on the Australian Artists singles. Which is just for Australia acts.

    I think it was pushed hard on radio, at one point it was the most added song on Australian radio.

    So I think unfortunately if this doesn't do well then it will be back to covers albums.
  12. I’ve seen a few live performances on YouTube so I think the Label pushed it on TV as well.
  13. Bounce was one of my songs of the year, I'm surprised it didn't do better.
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    It did quite well on radio but didn't even crack the Top 100 so I don't think these accolades are worth much unfortunately.
  15. considering her previous 2 releases were a covers and an Xmas album I think re-capturing the public's attention, even in a small way, has to be written up as a win.
    Where is any other Australian X-factor act these days?
    I still think putting her forward for
    X-factor All Stars would've been a smart move but oh well...
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  16. There was heavy rumours that was happening but the series itself got scrapped. I’m really hoping it will happen next year though
  17. Reece Mastin went independent in 2015 and his last release was an EP in 2018. Dami Im went independent earlier this year, releasing "Crying Underwater" in September. Marlisa was dropped by Sony in 2017 and is now signed to ABS-CBN Film Productions, last releasing a single in 2018. Cyrus is still signed to Sony, but hasn't released a single since 2018. And Isaiah released two singles ("Spirit," "What Happened To Us") this year; neither of which did much on the charts.
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  18. That's the point I was going for.
    She may not be clocking number 1's but she's still managing to gain some attention for original material while her alumni can't say the same.
    I'm unapologetically a stan for Sam so I'm hoping she can duplicate this interest and up it with the next single and album.
  19. Today I'm all about Sammi. Shake That, Bounce, Sweet Talk... THE BOPPERY.
  20. New single In The Morning is coming next week:

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