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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Knightr634, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. In The Morning has been clicking with me during lockdown and I've come to love it after being a bit disappointed after Bounce - which is still incredible!

    New single could be coming in a few weeks

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  2. Really liking the new song, Back 2 Back and really does go back to that early 2000’s female R&B sound. In places, it sounds similar to that of Jordin Sparks Tattoo or Shontelle’s Impossible.

    I just wish as always that the single was preceding an album announcement and wasn’t just yet another random single. The girl has the potential and needs to build on it through consistent single releases. Bounce was such a moment this time last year and could have led to something huge if she had capitalised on it and released songs in a similar vain. However, I am pleased that the song is out and it is a pleasant song to listen to.
  3. She's never going to be a huge popstar. We just need to accept that. And the continuous basic songs aren't going to help her either.

    She is an incredible talent but the music is nowhere near to the level it needs to be.
  4. upload_2020-11-13_17-53-44.jpeg

    Surely this is unheard of for Australian pop stars, but X Factor winner, Samantha Jade is releasing another single, so close to her last, Back 2 Back!

    Usually, Aussie pop girls take a couple months, even years (cough Ricki-Lee, Veronicas, Dami I’m) to release a succession of songs, yet Sammy J is back and releasing a follow up next week called New Boy.

    She posted a mood board of inspiration drawing from Miles Cyrus Bangers, Destiny’s Child Lose My Breath and Rihanna, so hopefully it’s return to the Pop R&B sound.

    Only one week to wait and see!
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  5. MB


    Hoping for a bop!
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  6. I'm hoping for an album!
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  7. This better be a bop.

    Back2Back is a bit whatever. I either need her to go full on bop or full on ballad like Naked or Castle.

    I wonder if we will get an album. How many abandoned singles we will have this time.
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  8. Well technically, Bounce and In The Morning are from the same sessions, and only halted due to Covid. In the Morning was originally going to be the lead single but Bounce was recorded later and promoted to first place.

    I would think that she is now pushing forwards and hopefully an album is imminent as she keeps mentioning it on instagram!
  9. Not the most flattering, but I can see how she was trying to channel Miles Cyrus’ Bangers album cover!
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  10. Can't wait for "New Boy"
    "Back to Back" has definitely grown in me.
    Fingers crossed we may get an album in early 2021 (Jan or Feb).
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  11. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I just want an album from her as solid and upbeat as Jess Mauboy's Beautiful. I don't think that's too much to ask for!
  12. I’d love an album with tracks similar to the edginess of Firestarter / What You’d Done To Me, saccharine and sun soaked like Always / Sweet Talk and with lots of bangers like Bounce / Shake It.

    Plus one big pop ballad that tray showcases her vocals and has a huge key change too!
  13. I like it!
    Its a tropi-bop mixed with some dance hall vibes that definitely suits the Aussie summer to come.
    Hopefully it'll get some traction and attention for her.
    She's premiering the video tomorrow as well and she's serving "Crazy" era Britney vibes and CHOREOGRAPHY!!!

    I really hope we get an album with all this material because it's pretty killer at the moment
    - Bounce (pop)
    - In The Morning (rnb)
    - Back 2 Back (mid-tempo ballad)
    - New Boy (trop bop)
  14. Its a serve.
    Great work Sammy J.
    Serving up scenery, looks and chorie!!!
    Its so nice to see an old school pop video.
    As I said before its giving me early Britney vibes and I love it.
  15. Island

    Island Staff Member

    It's a bop but it's also super dated. This isn't shade, but it sounds like something Little Mix could record.
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  16. Sounds like a Glory Days reject. Just rerelease Turn Around.
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  17. That's a stunning music video, but the song? Hmm. Maybe she's a grower?
  18. The music video is surprisingly good. Good work, Samantha—making good use of that Bumble coin.

    Ideally, this song would've come out two–four years ago, but it's still a bop, which is perfect for the upcoming Australian Summer.
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