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Samantha Jade - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Knightr634, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. I definitely felt like I was listening to a kareoke version seen as the bulk of the song featured nothing but mating calls.

    The video was cute but it could have done without that cringey Tinder/ Bumble segment at the start.
  2. Sis needs to fund her music videos somehow.
  3. Let's face reality people.
    She's an Australian pop girl that's also the winner of a reality show and still releasing music on a major label 8 years after her win.
    Her situation is very unique and I think she does her best with the support she's given to create new original material
    Pop is in a sad state in Oz and the girls need all the support they can get so I hope this drives us towards an album release soon, I swear she mentioned it was finished on social media recently.
    I can see her doing Jan or Feb where there's little to no competition for some exposure.
  4. I love her voice, but I think her material often lets her down. Nothing has ever hit the height of What You’ve Done To Me. That song is epic.
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  5. Her team are shite. She deserves better. I only realised this was out today after checking her Instagram. Where’s the promo from her label?

    She must know herself now that she’s never going to be a huge star. And she seems pretty happy with that.
  6. I am totally in love with New Boy and the next song was Sweet Melody and god that was 6 minutes!
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  7. Besides releasing better music, I also really wish she'd get a new glam team. They're styling her way older than she looks and that shade of blonde is way too ashy for her undertone.
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  8. She's always just a tad too late on the trends, isn't she? New Boy has grown on me immensely since I first played it and the video is a serve, but it's obviously pretty dated. Can happily see it downloading some daytime drinks over summer though, so take my streaming coins Sammi!
  9. Samantha Jade's cover of "We Are Family" appears in The Witches (2020).

  10. Love Samantha Jade’s disco cover album. Would love for her to come out with her own inspired disco album...heck, I’d love for her to just release an album at this rate!

    Such an incredible voice, this talent should be worldwide by now! New Boy! In the Morning! Bounce! Shake That! Firestarter! So many incredible songs that need to smash hard!
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  11. I saw her cover of I Feel Love used in this viral TikTok recently dddd, we're talking 3.5m likes etc.

    Now is definitely the time for her to move into disco-inspired original music.
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  12. I did always wonder why I Feel Love had suddenly acquired a surge in Spotify play counts over the recent months! Makes sense now!

    I always feel that if you collate her best songs together, you truly have one incredible album!

    1. What You Done to Me
    2. Firestarter
    3. Shake That
    4. Bounce
    5. In The Morning
    6. New Boy
    7. Always
    8. Show Me Love
    9. Hurt Anymore
    10. I Feel Love
    11. Soldier
    12. Sweet Talk
    13. Best of My Love
    14. Step Up
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  13. She has a legit solid list of pop songs -- wish she made a follow-up album
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  14. She really does have a solid list of songs, but I just wish the girl would commit to a full sound and era and deliver an album each time!

    For example, go full pop star and deliver pop boos and disco bangers. Or, deliver R&B pop tracks that show off that gorgeous voice. So much potential, she really needs to be pushed and to work with big name producers!

    Still makes me sad that she worked with Darkchild, Danja and Dianne Warren and these tracks were put in the vaults by Jive to focus solely on Britney at the time!
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  15. Oh Sammi,
    I love you girl but this isn't it.
    At least she's still signed with Sony right........
    Rip out on of those shelved DNA bops.
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  16. I am utterly surprised that she hasn’t announced or pushed this at all on her social media.

    She has been utterly ‘media silent’ on this current release, which is pleasant enough but nothing special.

    I wonder what will happen with her career now that her finance has left Sony under a dark cloud and her ‘father-to’be’ was sacked. Said it before and said it again, she needs a strong team around her, big name producers and a proper musical direction to pin it all on!
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  17. I missed the tea, what happened with her fiance and father-in-law-to-be?
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  18. An investigation took place surrounding claims of a poor workplace culture by young and female staff at Sony Australia HQ. Denis Handlin, Samantha’s father-to-be, was fired and his son stepped down (rumoured to have been pushed before being sacked).

    At this time, Samantha has also cancelled all wedding plans though she has publicly stated she is standing by her fiancé Pat, but due to ongoing COVID restrictions, there is no point continuing with the wedding as it has already been cancelled twice. Whether it will go ahead is anybody’s game.

    Media sites are now speculating on what Samantha will do: stay at Sony or leave. Either way, she needs to seriously take charge of her career, get some serious A&R people behind her, draw in the big name producers and source the hottest tracks. She could also do with securing some form of high profile gig to get her name back out there, like a judge on a talent show or a host.
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