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Samantha Jade - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Knightr634, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. I didn't know anything about this. I guess Samantha won't be working with Sony Music anymore... Or who knows.

    For the time being, she will be in Celebrity Apprentice.
  2. She's engaged to the son of the now dropped Ceo of "Sony Music Australia" Dennis Handlin, it must be hard to still be signed to Sony, with a lot of employees there exposing Dennis, while she' still related to their old boss.
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  3. "Celebrity Apprentice" is obviously an exposure move, maybe to try an attract some interest.
    I can't imagine she'll stay on with Sony which could be a blessing IF there's interest in signing her.
  4. She needs better A&R? She needs a better team?

    She certainly does but at this point she’s never going to be a huge star. It was clear she was only signed to Sony despite all the flops because of who she was dating.

    Samantha is a huge talent but unfortunately it’s just not going to happen for her.
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  5. She should really have tried to get back onto "Home & Away".
    She actually seemed to be recieved quite well there.
    It'd be interesting to see her do something like the reboot of "Australian Idol" because she certainly has the experience in the industry to mentor.
  6. I honestly think Samantha’s music career is just about over. The only thing that could get some public interest again would be Eurovision or being a judge on some show.
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  7. I don’t think there is any comeback for her music wise.

    Sony (not surprisingly) fucked it all up from the get go. The best thing she can hope for now is reality television and Instagram sponsorships.
  8. DAS


    It really felt as though Bounce was a bit of a comeback for her, she was all over tv, the song was played a lot on radio, it charted and she mentioned an upcoming album. In the morning and covid really stopped those plans I think. It’s a shame that her recent struggle of singles haven’t been that great (I think this sisterhood song and new boy are probs her worse songs she’s ever released)
  9. She also had another song that was announced as a single then never released. But I think is available online in some places due to it being pulled quite close to release.

    I'm not sure how her career has been so mis managed. As she has seemingly had everything.

    Not having an album ready to release after Up was a massive mistake.
  10. "One And Only," which is only available on Beatsource, but I guess that that still counts as an official release.
  11. See now the completest in me really wants to hear that but I can't!!!
    I actually really liked "New Boy" and the video but that Sisterhood thing definitely wasn't it.
    I really hope someone will eventually leak all the unreleased albums stuff because I'd LOVE to hear it.
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  12. I find the issue is no one, apart from the LGBTQ Community, take her seriously as a singer. She does not stand out, and while she has an amazing voice, she does not have that 'thing' compared to other singers. I also feel the Coles/Woolworths jingle thing really ruined her image too (became a bit of a laughing joke/ known as the cheap cheap girl whenever I have brought her up).

    Perhaps re-inventing herself as a reality tv person, host, and or music blog influencer would be the way to go.
  13. Sorry…Sorry but how do we get hold of this song?!? This fits so well with Bounce and sounds like a banger! I need this stat!

    In regards to her career, she needs a new team, who are fully invested. She needs exposure, a show (reality or as a judge/mentor) and start to be daring again with her image/sound! I look back at her look during Firestarter and she had it!

    Girl has a decent back catalogue of songs, as well as those unreleased. If she could again work with a few big name producers, she has the voice to make it work!
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  14. I think that you can buy it off Beatsource.
    I think that you're right, unfortunately. The three year gap between her X Factor win and the release of her sophomore album was a mistake, although understandable, considering what was going on in her personal life. However, her career never really quite recovered.
    Ideally, she would've had an album ready to release alongside or shortly after the release of "Soldier." By the release of "Up," an album was long overdue.
  15. Cheers, didn’t realise that this was a UK site! Just purchased but how can you play it on your iTunes? Or that not possible?
  16. I've never purchased music from Beatsource before, but if it's an mp3 file, you should be able to import it into your iTunes Library and play it on there.
  17. Maybe we can hope the Sony might "Veronicas" her and just release albums to get her out of her contract?
    She's long overdue for Eurovision but the dual Montainge mess seriously set us back after some amazing entries.
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  18. DAS


    I wouldn’t be bad if she “veronicas”, a lot of her unreleased songs or snippets that we’ve heard have been decent and she has more than enough material to release a couple of quick albums.
    I think she should try signing with another label, taking some time out of music with tv appearances etc and then in like 18 months/2 years comeback with a bang. I do hope that her singing career isn’t completely over and she’s so sweet and talented
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  19. She doesn’t need anymore time out! She needs to get herself together and fully invest in an era! Stop dropping singles and never following them up, or doing random single releases that tie into products.

    I know a lot of her mess is due to her record label, but girl has to fight! She has the voice, the personality, she just needs to get a team that will fight every step of the way!

    And yes, ‘Veronica’ her music and put out all the unreleased tracks! Come on Sammy J, come through with the bops!
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  20. I mean it's pretty definite she won't stay with Sony if her partner and family left under such a cloud.
    Most reality show winner sign 5 album deals and this would be her 5th album so BOTH parties should be smart and push a release to not only re-coup Sony's interest but also for Sami to have a shot a signing elsewhere.
    We KNOW that there's potentially at least 2 albums worth of unreleased material so why not raid the vault, smack something together and get SOMETHING from this messy situation.
    For all we know that could be the plan following "Celebrity Apprentice" but it should be ready to roll as soon as that hits screens early next year and capitalize on the traditionally quieter 1st quarter releases.
    If we can figure this out and we are just fans how do "industry professionals" keep there jobs?
    It's no wonder why there's not Aussie pop music scene.
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