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Samantha Jade - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Knightr634, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. Well, she has the unreleased songs from the initial ‘Firestarter’ era, then there are the songs recorded during ‘Up’.

    Sammy has songs recorded during the ‘Nine’ era and has a follow up set of songs from the whole ‘Hurt Again/Roller skate’ era (with two of those songs being plonked onto the Disco album).

    Finally, she has the album written during the ‘Bounce’ era and beyond! So many unreleased and unheard tracks!
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  2. I am surprised she has not been on the mask singer
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  3. The official trailer for Celebrity Apprentice Australia 2022 has been unveiled, with Samantha Jade taking part looking hot as fire as always.

    You can watch the video below (apologies as it is embedded in the Daily Fail Australia website): Click Here

    Samantha has teased that along with her appearance, a new song will premier too! Let’s hope this finally leads to a full era, Aussie Queen!
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  4. I had completely forgotten she was doing The Celebrity Apprentice AU.

    I hope she comes across well in it.
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  5. Honestly at this point just bung out the album the week she gets kicked off and it'll be the best promo she's had in ages.
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  6. DAS


    Agreed - even better do what The Veronicas did when they took part - release two albums! (although very unrealistic)
  7. She has more than enough material for two albums, possibly even more, what with the amount she has recorded.

    The difference with the Veronicas I believe is that they wanted out of their contract and by releasing two albums simultaneously, this helped release them.
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  8. This isn’t going to lead to anything. There is zero interest in her music and honestly no wonder. Her label have completely squandered any interest in her.
  9. I've just realised a sped up remix of Sweet Talk is going viral on Tiktok. I've heard it loads but I only realised yesterday what the song is.
  10. Ok, it's from like a year ago. I'm old. Here it is for anybody interested:

  11. Sadly, I know, but I still hold out hopes that she can find solace with a new record deal that will truly appreciate and push her for what she deserves!

    She has the voice and when given the right material, she shines so incredibly brightly. Just hope that this promotion leads to the album coming out at least!
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  12. Well she got to the half way point but sadly she is out of The Appreciate. Hope she has a song ready to go on Friday.

  13. Brand new single from the Aussie pop queen, Dance Again (although it is not a dance song, but another ballad )…
  14. It's alright.

    As always she sounds good but this will do nothing for her career.

    I see it's on Midnight Records so I guess she was dropped by Sony.
  15. Maybe she should move away from music as their is 0 interest from the public and labels (not including some of her fans). Perhaps being a host for a show maybe? Or just something entirely different.
  16. MB


    I give up. That’s all.
  17. I feel like her time is up as a singer. She has had so many chances and it always just leads to nothing. Maybe she should try building a career in tv presenting or acting?
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  18. She's never going to be a successful pop star now. She has had more chances than most and it's just not clicking. And it's never going to click unfortunately.
  19. I will never understand why she didn't release an album off the back of Firestarter, it was literally everywhere in Australia back then. But for some reason an album took two years to materialise and it didn't even include it ddd.

    Doesn't she also have an unreleased album she recorded in the US before winning The X Factor?

    It's really is a shame that she has had so many false starts because she's really talented!
  20. Wow. What a way to aim, fire and miss. Does she actually have A&R? There is no co-ordination at all.
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