Samantha Jade

Jealous that you've heard it.

I hope it's good and that we get an album soon.

Well, it was slightly by accident. I was in a London pub and went to see if they had any Samantha Jade on the jukebox only to find her new music.

I had informed Samantha and her team and a few weeks later it had been removed, though I still have the photos. But I’m guessing there had been an error when sending out tracks.

Still was an incredible track and Samantha was lovely about it when chatting to her too!
"In The Morning" had dropped and it's a BAWP!!!
Very Ariana "Side to Side" reggae vibe but with some speed delivered bridges and a very vibey chorus.
Hopefully the video is full of grinding chorie and serving up the sweetness of the single artwork.
Loving thr urban vibe and hoping this can be a hit for her.


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So so so amazed and impressed! This song is an absolute banger and Samantha has come back with another smash!

This era so far, is a two for two, with this and Bounce bringing nothing but serious bawps! It hits so hard, In The Morning is truly incredible! I cannot wait for her to start promoting and performing this song live just to hear that note right at the end of the track!

I hope Popjustice features this on the main page this week! She totally deserves that exposure! Bring on the album and smash Aussie Queen Samantha!
Do we know how this is doing yet?

Only been a few days but I can’t stop listening to this! Really is gearing up to be one of her best songs yet!

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I think the issue is that she's seen as pretty uncool in Australia. At least, that's the vibe I get from my Aus friends.
he / him
I think the issue is that she's seen as pretty uncool in Australia. At least, that's the vibe I get from my Aus friends.
I feel like that stems from her reality show origins. Sony didn't really help the situation by releasing a disco covers album while failing to promote its original material and a Christmas album.
Hey guys, I'm currently running a rate over in the Charts & Rates section of the forum for Australia's Reality TV Girls - and I've just written up a bit of a spotlight on queen Sammi here.

If you've ever thought about taking part in a rate - or just want to shoot the breeze about Samantha and took a trip down memory lane - feel free to join us. We're rating some of our fave reality TV contestants from X Factor, Idol and more.