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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Knightr634, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. Aren't DNA Songs in-house producers for Sony Music Australia? I've noticed that a lot of former Sony Music Australia artists who frequently collaborated with DNA stopped once they left Sony Music Australia.
  2. The new EP is ok.

    Nobody Does Me Better is the best of the bunch. Although it's very 2009, the chorus is giving me Cheryl's Waiting.

    I'd love a big ballad like Naked or Castle from her in with more bops should we get a volume 2.
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  3. Not sure but that would make a lot of sense now you mention it...
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  4. Well with all the artists leaving Sony music Australia, DNA will soon be out of work, no wonder they have not produced anything new for a while..

  5. A cute performance of her latest single, ‘Let’s Hear it for the Boy’ and good to see that she is still promoting this after several weeks of release! Also mention of her EP, ‘Love.Sick Vol 1’ too, so it’s good to see her push that promotion along.

    Stand out tracks have to be the incredible epic (and slightly Beyoncé-esque) ‘Nobody Does Me Better’, ‘Sweet Spot’ which is like a sequel to Bounce and the beautiful ballad, ‘When I was Young’.

    Based on the songs released in the last few years, I’ve even made my own mini album and it flows so perfectly!

    (Not sure how to paste a Spotify Playlist - so any advice for future would be great)
  6. I wish that she'd performed a medley of "Let's Hear It For The Boy" and one of the original tracks from Love.Sick Vol. 1—"Nobody Does Me Better" would've probably been the best option—instead of just "Let's Hear It For The Boy" to let the Australian public know that she is still out here releasing original music, not just covers, especially because it seemed like the hosts seemed to be more interested in her personal life than her music career. It feels like a bit of a wasted opportunity, although it is good to see that she's out there doing promo for the project.
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  7. Was reading in the Sunday times today that she sold “4 million records”….. any evidence of that?

    The article looked like it was set up by her PR as it spoke of wedding, Christmas domain show (that she does tirelessly every year), and music talk. I am guessing PR stamped that in?
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  8. I wonder how they got that figure? According to wiki her first album only sold around 35,000(Gold) and was the most successful one out of the 4 she has released so far.
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  9. Maybe they're including her single sales as well. "What You've Done To Me" did go 4 × Platinum, while "Firestarter" and "Soldier" both went Platinum. However even then, those numbers feel inflated.
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  10. Maybe they are including the Step Up soundtrack in that?

    Or the David Guetta album she had a song on?
  11. She needs to be interviewed by a fan to get to the bottom of the unreleased album conundrum.
    There was definitely an album of work in the "Firestarter" and "Soldier" era which one would assume would DNA heavy. "Sweet Talk" and "Up" could possibly be from that same intended album or another lot of sessions waylaid by her foray into acting.
    She then released "Nine" and its singles, the disco covers and some other random tracks with no album attached then you have "Bounce", "In the Morning", "Back to Back", and "New Boy" which would be another different project.
    So Sony potentially have a plethora of unreleased material in their vaults from her time with them that we will never hear.
    It's frustrating to see her not get recognition for her talent and still being around 10 years after her X-Factor win.
    Did she even mention the 10th anniversary of
    "What You've Done to Me" ?
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  12. I don't know if I believe that there are unreleased albums, particularly towards the end of her time with Sony where I assume that Sony was allowing her to record tracks to release as singles to see if anything stuck before proceeding with a full album.
    She posted this, which is basically the same as acknowledging "What You've Done To Me," I guess.

  13. I think her new EP has flopped as well so I think the only thing that may help her music career is Eurovision at this stage.
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  14. After re-listening to Nine, it's a shame that the era went down the way that it did because the album had bops, with these as my personal highlights:

    I still don't hear what Samantha heard in "Shake That" and I'm not sure if it was her decision or her label's, but giving "Shake That" a second push instead of moving on with the era was a mistake, tbh. Personally, I feel like Pitbull was wasted on "Shake That" and he would've been better utilized on "Show Me Love," whose lack of single release was the biggest missed opportunity from Nine, in my opinion.
    "Always" is cute, but I'm surprised that that was what was released as the follow-up single. I would've loved to have seen the three tracks above released as singles.

    Also, regarding Samantha's use of social media, it's really random that she seems to have ignored some fairly big career milestones, like when her cover of "We Are Family" appeared in Robert Zemeckis' The Witches—I still don't understand why Sony didn't upload the visual that she shot for it that appeared in the Best Of My Love trailer onto YouTube. The fact that the visuals exist and were on Vimeo at some point before being removed is perplexing.—or when a nightcore remix of "Sweet Talk" went viral on TikTok.
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  15. There are definitely unreleased albums as Samantha has said so herself but don’t quote me on where or when this was.

    After Firestarter/Soldier, there was enough material but this got delayed/postponed due to (a) legal issues with a previous label and (b) her mum’s diagnosis with cancer.

    Some of those songs made it onto Nine (Only Just Begun, Born to be Alive and Naked) whilst another remains unreleased but widely available (Always and Forever).

    Sweet Talk was supposed to be the big comeback single to relaunch the album but after that didn’t do as it was intended, it was removed from the campaign and instead they went with ‘Shake That/Always’ and pretended ‘Sweet Talk’ never happened.

    Before the disco album, Samantha was again recording material for a new album. ‘Hurt Anymore’ was the original lead but again that flopped and plans for the album were delayed for a covers album instead. Funnily enough ‘Roller Skates’ and ‘Let Me Love You’ we’re repurposed from the scrapped album and placed on the disco cover album instead with the latter originally going to be used as a gay pride song.

    Then in 2019, Samantha started work on her new album. ‘Bounce’, ‘In The Morning’ (the original lead song) and others were all ready to go, but nothing stuck and Covid only made the situation harder. Another song titled ‘One and Only’ was going to be the third single but silently removed after the furore around her partner and his father and the record label. ‘New Boy’ was recorded later hoping to gain traction but again did nothing on the charts. Since then it all went quiet and she parted ways.

    The record label did not know what to do with her nor wish to promote her properly as shown by the treatment of Dami Im (which she explains in her latest autobiography). They had zero care or regard for X Factor winners and just wanted them to churn out cover album after cover album. Samantha also stated that she didn’t want to promote singles during this time as she was locked into her contract hence the radio silence when singles dropped.

    Now that she is free, she is trying to rebuild her brand name but she has a long way to go and needs some big names/promo pushes behind her to achieve this.
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  16. Samantha Jade did a stunning acoustic performance of "I'll Be Home For Christmas" and an interview for a Christmas segment with Fox FM's Drive Show. It pained me to hear them introduce her new single as "Let's Hear It For The Boy," even though it's technically true.

    Although her current promo run isn't entirely dedicated to her music career—she's primarily there to promote Carols In The Domain, it probably would've been smart to push an original track alongside the EP release, so that these promo slots would alert Australia to the fact that Samantha is still releasing original music and isn't just a covers artist.
  17. Rob


    Do you've more info on this/what was said in the autobiography?
  18. Here's some of Dami's recounting her time with Sony Music Australia.
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